Sunday, October 05, 2008

Musical Monday

Here we have a little live Joan As Police Woman from the Bowery in NYC 2 weeks ago. Some of you are just gonna hate her voice, but I just love Joan. My goodness what a gal.


Why don't you save your soul
Let loose your dogs of war
Abandon your done capital
Burn all your flags and hold onto
Hold onto nothing
And the stones in your stomach
Become a part of the sea
And the mark that your footprint leaves
In the sand starts to lighten
And finally whispers
"I am gone"
Don't wait for the last page
Don't wait for your final breath
Don't wait for the pendulum to drop
It swings so low today
Don't wait, don't wait for nothing
And you'll wrap up the tears
Of forty thousand gone
Who wish they'd acted out
When they had time
And they had voice
To tempt the furies
The furies are not gone
Are you not furious
Are you not furious
Are you not furious
Are you not furious
Wait for, wait for, for what
Wait for, wait for, for what
Are you not furious
Are you not furious, enough
Are you not furious
Are you not furious
In other news, Sunday at the market was sunny, lovely and fun, and I made some dough, too. Rainclouds threatened but did not produce! A client brought me a pile of white fur to make her son a polar bear suit for Halloween. I just love making costumes!
As for the home front, things are a little tense as Little Rita is quickly becoming Bigger Than Mom Rita with the sass to match. Somehow, I always come out looking like the bad guy when it comes to discipline around here. Someone is having a birthday in three weeks and has requested the red carpet and the kitchen sink. I said let's compromise, dad says, give her everything she wants. I say with whose millions? Well, it's going to be with dads millions then, isn't it? So, you can all just call me grumpy face for asking my daughter to feed her cats and pick up her half dozen pair of socks lying all around the house. Goodness knows I can be unreasonable sometimes. It's tough being the bad cop, but someone's gotta do it.
And well, that's about it. Have a lovely week.


barman said...

Oh no, Dads and daughters. You will never win. You will always be the bad cop. Sorry you have to fill in that roll. Looking forward to you musical selection ... latre.

lime said...

oh man, you KNOW i feel your pain. yes, i do. hang tough.

barman said...

I have no problems with her voice but I did not catch the lyrics. Probably better I didn't. I get the feeling I may not be as keen then, just a gut feeling. She certainly puts a lot of herself into her music.

G-Man said...

Susie Cue...Her voice does suck, but then again so does Neil Youngs!
I like her lyrics/poetry...
Have a Great Week Mistress..xo

S said...

Her voice SOOO does NOT suck. You just have to be a little more open minded about non top 40 music!

Bryan I put the lyrics there for you! :)

barman said...

I saw that Susie, thank you. When I first noticed it I thought I had lost my mind. Well maybe I still did lose my mind but...

Mona said...

Susie! are you going to send those skull pedal pushers to Galen's museum!?