Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pain In The Neck Update....

**Ok would you believe it, it's 20 degrees outside and still NO SNOW! Drop the other shoe, willya?** Sure, go ahead and saw me in half while I stand here calmly! Oh wait, he seems to be woeing just a little. Now, tell me, if you were being sawed in half would you stand there calmly? NO! You would scream really LOUD.
Until 2 weeks ago, I had no idea what CHRONIC pain was all about. Now I do. It sucks. End of story. I am struggling through a nice stack of work that I am truly grateful for, but to then spend all my earnings on Chiropractors...ARGHH!!! My head feels like it weighs 50 pounds because my neck doesn't want to hold it up. I need some brain scaffolding! Truly, I do have a large cranium, which has never been too much of a problem until now.

In other news, I can't get that stupid Coldplay song out of my head. You know the one, I'm not gonna say it because then I'll be in trouble for planting it in other peoples brains. Maybe that song is what's causing all this pain!

We are having lots of fun "doing Christmas" this year since I am not going to India until February. You won't believe it, but even Mr Ratburn took LR to a tree farm and sawed it down himself! Oy his poor mom mighta rolled over in her grave, but let me tell you it was worth it for Gary and LR to share that experience, and I got a good chuckle at the thought of my jewish hubby at a Christmas tree farm, proving you're never too old for firsts.

It has almost snowed here a number of times this week. I say almost because after all, snow in the bay area is not normal. We did get some fun hail in San Francisco and here too, and this morning it was about 25, and my car door was frosted shut. Come on, just snow already!
Now, I have lived here 17 years, and it has only snowed once, for about 25 minutes. That was in the middle of the night and we all got up to play in the snow at 3 am. It was lovely.
I hope all of you are well out there in blogland. Pass the vicodin.

Have a lovely day!



BTExpress said...

Just started snowing here. Not sure how much we'll get, but already I hate it!

Hope your feeling better soon.

AndyT13 said...

A lot of folks think
Ebeneezer Scrooge is
Well he's NOT but guess who is?
All 3 stooges!

Big love baby! Hope yer neck feels better!

Fortress Guinness said...

Ooooohhhh you mean...'Viva La Vida' or '...and that was when i ruled the world'...???!!! (^_^)
la dee dah, i quite like that one myself, not being much of a Coldplay fan either...!!! :) :P

i am suffering your pain, the memories of 6 months of sciatica still bring back shudders my dear...get well soon suse xxx

barman said...
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barman said...

Snow? We have 15.5 inches already this season which is about where we would be, on average, at the end of December. We have 3 to 5 more inches on its way over night. Luckily the temperature went up to 51 over night the other day and melted almost everything we had.

I do not have any vicodin but I admit, even if I did, I am selfish with that stuff. Sorry just one of my priorities in life. But maybe one or two if I come across some sometime.

I hope you find a way to get yourself on mends. I know what chronic pain is like although mine was just a small headache in the back of the head that would not go away for days. It was not the worst thing I ever felt but not going away for many days it just gets worse and worse. Take care, good luck.

(edit) I deleted the past comment. I said Viagra rather than vicodin. Although that paragraph reads kind of funny with the word Viagra in it. Maybe I should have left it be.

barman said...

Help me.... We have at least 2 1/2 inches of snow on the ground and more is coming (maybe 1 more inch). The only thing that saves the day is it is all super light weight. Still ... Help me!

~Tim said...

Feel better sooner and have a happy holiday!

G-Man said...

Come here Suze...Take a hit of this!
Garbage day.

lime said...

youch, where'd you find such a crazy picture? though i am sure it is very descriptive of how you feel.

i am so sorry you are in such misery. pain like that really is horrible.

i'm glad there is some holiday fun going on at your house in spite of all that. giggling about ratburn at a tree farm. that's so sweet of him to do that with lil rita.

S said...

Oooh Bryan I saw that viagra comment. Does that stuff cure neck aches?


barman said...

I hear Viagra gets the kinks out, I just am not sure it works on your neck however. (I will never live that comment down, I can just tell)

What are you doing below freezing? I thought San Fran stayed about in the 70's all the time. You don't live there but you are not that far away. I did notice they had hard frost warning quit a ways south on cala... that has got to be crazy. Thinking warm thoughts for you.