Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

It's his fault, he wrote it. Happy Father's Day!
Daddys Girl
by Mark Leslie
She has her Daddy’s eyes
In a jar up in her room
It took a while to dig them up
Because she’d used a spoon
She has her Daddy’s hair
And with it his whole scalp
She hacked it off with a dull steak knife
But knew a sharper one might help
She has the rest of her Daddy’s parts

Stored in an air-tight drum
She fancies herself a Daddy’s girl
But she looks more like her Mum.


g-man said...

Very upbeat Susie...Thanks!!

lime said...

this one has always made me chuckle

RennyBA said...

Thanks - how sweet of you says a Happy Father friend from Norway just finished celebrating summer solstice and now we have 19 hours daylight you know - who can go to bed then? :-)

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! Oh yes, you gotsta love Mr. Leslie's writing!!!

Fortress Guinness said...

guess what i got for Fathers Day...??? a text...whoopi-do...but then, they KNOW i think it's all crap anyway...hahaha...i feel sorry for my kids in a ;) xxx

Jadey said...

LOl love the ending but she looks more like her mum. My 55 is up