Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Are You Ready Boots?

I think someone was way ahead of Lady Ga Ga!


Anonymous said...

Heh. Go Go :) Nice.

~Tim said...

With a killer bass line too!

13messages said...

I think you're very right. What a tough gal.

boots said...

yea I LOVE this song (yes I am pretty damn old ;o0

When I get fed up with the teachers at our kids schools I have to put on my "ass woopin" boots (I am 5 ft tall and have to be 5'1 to fuss with a teacher) and sing this song all the way to school.

lime said...

nothing new under the sun

Logophile said...

I have loved this song since I was a kid; it was at least 10 years old by then. It kicked ass then, and it still does!

G-Man said...

...Start Walkin!!

I was always partial to....

"Strawberries cherries, and an Angels kiss in Spring".....

Mona said...

Lol! Lady Gaga versus Lady Go Go! :D

That is funny!

I liked the new version of strawberry cherries !

g-man said...

You are asking me how to do a link?
I just learned how to download a You Tube 3 months ago..
Ask anybody but me...:-)

boots said...

did I hear how to make a link? I can share the instructions I got from "Proartz":
First of all eliminate any parenthesis from these instructions, as I am putting them in to avoid making a real link.

Anything that is in RED means you have to enter your own information.

Type (without the parenthesis at the beginning and the end):


Except for the parenthesis at the beginning and end, this was what I typed for my link to my most recent Flash 55:

(Find my Flash 55 for this week HERE.)

which ended up looking like this:
Find my Flash 55 for this week HERE.

You can copy my example and just replace the red parts with your own info ---and remember to eliminate the parenthesis.

I made a word processing document with this info. I open the document, change the URL and the intro (Find my _________ for this week) then I can copy it and paste it into comments I leave so the recipient can easily get to my post.
Note this sometimes works on other blog sites other than blogger, but on some it does not. Best to preview it first to see how it will look.
Good luck.
CJ@Pro Artz