Wednesday, March 31, 2010


photo by Karenji '08

Another one from the "some things are worth repeating" category.
I have gotten tea from this ahem, tea stall in Delhi, several times over the years, and it is the best tea ever, costs rs 5 (12 cents?) The tea is so hot it will rip the skin right offa your lips! Thats how you want your tea in India, that way you know the germs are dead!
Have a lovely day!


furiousBall said...


RennyBA's Terella said...

Hey You, sneaking into my kitchen and take photos are you? :lol:

Happy Hump Day!

Logophile said...

Speaking of tea,
I got up late today and didn't get to make myself a cup on my way to teach at my co-op. So halfway through my first class Mr. Logo comes in carring my big ole travel mug full of tea.
How sweet can that man be, hm?

Good tea, anywhere you can find it, blessing from above.

lime said...

what a great shot demonstrating the difference.

LisaPizza said...

Ok,I'm all for hot tea, but I'm a wuss and can't drink it very hot. So I'd have to wait a very long time for my tea to cool to drink it. At home I ad ice cubes because not only am I a wuss, but I'm also impatient.

Mona said...

Yikes! you had tea there!!

Next time you are having tea at my place!