Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thursday Portrait

A couple of weeks ago we had our local yearly small town parade. LR played the clarinet in her school band. This weeks portrait is LR and I after the parade, strolling through town. You are not imagining it, she is 4" taller than me and still growing. Her feet are bigger than mine as well. I like that, she can't steal borrow my shoes anymore!
Now, LR just thinks outgrowing her mom is totally cool, and she points it out on a regular basis. Don't think I haven't noticed that she has inherited Garys stringbean physique vs. the panda bear option.And finally, LR has taken to comparing me with this little creature. I have told her, gnomes are only men, but she persists. Did you know the travelocity gnome doesnt have a name? LR and Gary call it Susie. ARgh! and, Gary made his own little stationery set, which consists of the travelocity gnome in greyscale, 4 inches high, and I am now finding little gnome notes all over the house! For the record, I am 5'1", that is NOT that short!
Do you think I could cash in on this name the gnome Susie thing?
Have A Lovely Day!


Logophile said...

Thing One has outgrown me as well, as insists on pointing out how short I am.
"Thing, go clean your room."
"Ya know, mooo-ooom, it's hard to take you serious when you are so short."
Eyes narrowed to slits and growling through gritted teeth,
"Get in there and get your room done or I shall do such things, I know not what, but they shall be the terrors of the earth."
"Ok! Ok! I'm going."

Brian Miller said...

nice pics. i love parades! and one day my boys will be taller but i guess that means they can mow the grass then. smiles.

lime said...

i have been the shortest one in the house for some time now.

it's ok, you're still the boss!

Mona said...

You and little Rita look like sisters!

Or shall I call her big rita now :)?

Mona said...

Happy Mother's Day!