Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Thursday Portrait

Mr Ratburn was chasing me around with the camera the other day, and it turns out the lighting was just fabulous. I just totally love this green grass in the middle of fall. Actually, everything is pretty dry and brown around here by now, but this is a well tended and well used championship soccer football field!

Whadd'ya know? I'm outstanding in my field again!

Have A Lovely Day!


G-Man said...

Are those Bloomers?
Why are you hiding your Perfect legs?
The Sun light shines right through those bottoms


S said...

I always hide my perfect legs, gman.

...because they are short stubby fat and jiggly so ya know...
but thank you!

Dianne said...

beautiful pics, the light was perfect!

have a great weekend, ten more days until Autumnal Equinox and 1st day of Fall.

S said...

Thanks, Dianne, I thought twas already fall!

lime said...

very pretty indeed. we've been brown for rain and it's getting ugly.

TorAa said...

The last photo:
ha-ha I like

The others as well, believe me,'
but the last one is you;-)