Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Portrait

Hello friends. I know I haven't been around blogland much. First I went to Seattle, then I had to do mountains of laundry, and catch up on my housework, then deal with the clothing thing. I have a lot of custom orders and so I have to step on it. Today I made this colonial style dress for an 11 year old girl. I have always wanted to make a dress like this, and it was really fun. It isn't quite finished yet, I still have to put all this lacy crap beautiful lace down the fronts. I couldn't resist trying it on stuffing my grown up self into it. So there you have it, me as an 11 year old colonial girl. BTW, in case you are wondering, that dress is NOT zipped up in the back!
And then just for fun, this bonus video of Black Sabbath live from Paris in 1970....check it out, it's pretty cool!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Logophile said...

Your vids not showing.
Also, I have a washtub full of laundry you can take out and scrub, and make me some soap and candles too, oh, and I think you should make some corn pone cakes.

Blissfully Wed said...

Great video. Old school Sabbath. Nice.

Your picture is way cute. May I see it from the back? ;)

lime said...

i had to giggle. i remember my mom sewing a dress like that for me for the bicentennial celebration. i wore it for picture day in 4th grade.

you look like you're really getting away with something by wearing that gown. hehehehe

and you didn't tell me you went to seattle again! dang. envy welling up :P

Polt said...

Wow, you're looking very pilgrimy. :) Nice work.


Akelamalu said...

Love the dress!

Anonymous said...

luv it me duck...!!! makes me want to take a piss up the Alamo walls lmao ;)

why does your pic make me think of Little House on the Prairie...???
gorgeous dahling...!!! mwah lol xxx

BTExpress said...

I think it's hot that you went outside with the dress not zipped. Nice job on the dress.

I think I remember Black Sabbath. The early 70s I was a hippie and things are a little foggy. I know I got married, but the rest?

snowelf said...

Even with the lacy crap, I bet it was fun! :)

I want to get my happy butt to Seattle one of these days!!