Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thursday Portrait

As we all know, finding a pair of jeans these days that fits is downright impossible. That is unless you have toothpicks for legs, and no VMT (that's visible muffin top.) And also, if you don't mind buying jeans that are pretorn, faded, and patched. I dont think so. We've also all been over the 2" zipper discussion!
So last month when I went to Seattle, I knew I was going to have to find some pants since I could not run around fashion savvy RAINY, WINDY, FOGGY, COLD Seattle in those same old 501's that I drag through India every year, could I? No! That simply would not do at all!

As I was contemplating heading down to the (ack!) mall to buy a new pair of 501's, I walked past a thrift store in my town and thought "ok, what the heck, I might as well look...but I doubt it...."

Well what do you know, if I didn't find not one, not two, but three pair of jeans that were not too faded, not torn, not dorky, not mom jeans, did not show my muffin top, did not show my butt crack, and I thought wow, this pair even makes my flat butt look cute!

Could this be real? Someone pinch me! Including the faded old "we've been to India and back a few times" 501's, I now have 4 pair of jeans. EEEKKKK!!! Don't look now, I might even wear shoes with 'em!


Mina said...

Lucky find! Love the pair in the 3rd pic down.

lime said...

damn, i need to come to your thrift store to find jeans because i am shit outta luck in my neck of the woods.

they look great on ya.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!! :) congrats on finding the jeans... it's great!

I love cuffed jeans! ;)

Have a wonderful Thursday! HHNT!

Breazy said...

I hate shopping for jeans because I hate what they are putting on the market.

The jeans look great on you Susie!
Have a good day!

BTExpress said...

Personally, I like butt cracks and muffin tops, but that's just me.

I agree, that your ass looks great in the jeans. BTW, that last pair of jeans fits you exceptionally well.

What other blog?

Polt said...

You're a rocker baby, susie!


G-Man said...

You have a visible 'muffin top'?
I think NOT!!!

BTW...(I still LOVE saying this)

I'm Up!!!!!


~Tim said...

Pinch you? Okay!

Melanie said...

Ack! I don't like shopping for jeans at all!! You did great though :P

Very cute :D