Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What A Wonderful World

This is just so sweet, I wanted to share it with you.

All is well on the left coast. We have a few days of rain which we really need badly. At least it's not snowing. Spring break starts this Friday at 3:15 pm, and my sister is heading North to visit me with her daughter, the lovely Adeleigh. Jeanne has only been up here maybe twice in 17 years because it's not easy to find the time to get away when you are a single mom of 6 kids. Her youngest turns 18 this week so it's high time she got up here. We will do San Francisco up right, do some shopping, drinking and take out some trash! (wink, wink, Gman)

Gary and I are celebrating 21 years o' wedded bliss this Thursday. Being my sister will be around, we will postpone the private festivities til the following weekend. This weekend is all about partying. So, I'd best get some work done before that all starts.

PS Tony, I ran that conficker fixer thing you sent me and I passed, hurray! I sent it on to Bryan who thinks he might have the confounded confucker as well. Let's all hope he doesn't or that it's fixable.

If any of you use Paypal, be warned there is a huge scam going through emails from a fraudulent operation saying something like "there is a problem with your account, please send your password, etc etc"...NOOOOO I do not think so! Paypal will never ask you for your password, so just don't.

Have a lovely day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Happy Spring Break! How wonderful that you get to spend some time with your sister! :) She has definitely earned a PARTY!!!

lime said...

happy anniversary and happy sister visit. have a great time with all of the fun stuff you are planning. glad tony sent you something helpful to sort out the confucker mess. he's a great guy, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Hope you and G have a happy anniversary and you and your sis have a blast in San Fran...!!! have one (or several) in the Dogs Bollocks for me ok...??? ;)

today is the day inbetween birthdays, i'm just off to visit 'C' with presents as i think her mum has 'something' organised for tomorrow...ho hum...

take care suse, see you later xx

G-Man said...

Happy Anniversary Suzie-Cue!!
I hope he knows that he's the luckiest bastard on the planet...
I do believe I've passed that thought on many many times...
It's still true....G

S said...

Thanks for the anniversary wishes, everyone.
Im lucky too!

Mona said...

Happy anniversary Susie and Gary!

Its nice when sisters come along together! :)

RennyBA said...

Amen from me on that song - and I'm not even religious!

Happy Anniversary - all the way from Norway :-)

Almost no more snow here either and we opened the golf season in Sweden this week - yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaahhhoooooooooo!

Happy Easter :-)