Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Portrait

Talking Textiles

Ya know, doing business is India can often be pretty frustrating and also very humorous. Sometimes my textile people talk me into buying weird fabrics, or otherwise sneak strange or fugly stuff into my stash. But of course they also charge me for them. So this time, when I got back to my hotel and was organizing my shipping, I again ran into a few bolts of odd stuff that I did not choose and paid for!
One would think that after 6 years of wheeling and dealing with the same people, they wouldn't try that stuff with me, but they do.
So this time, I just gathered up all that odd stuff and brought it right back to them, and traded it for some more Indian block prints of which I cannot get enough of. I even talked my way into the warehouse out back so that I could grab up some cool stuff before the locals got a chance at it. The look on the big bosses face was priceless, knowing that I could not be completely messed with. (Do I have to get out one of Mir's Kashmiri knives next time and wield it around to get proper treatment?)
All the weird stuff was now returned, except this striped stuff that intrigued me, and turned out to be quite a treasure. It's silk and cotton woven together. The fabric was finished with this weird shiny stiffening stuff, and looked pretty unwearable, but I crossed my fingers and tossed it into the washer and dryer, gasp! I'll admit I was pretty worried because this piece was the most expensive thing I bought this year. Lo and behold, out came this fabulously slinky, soft and wonderful stuff.
So there I am modeling my newest creation. Sometimes you can make a silk purse...erm, pants out of a sows ear!
In other news, I am anxiously awaiting the decision of my pal, Keri, as to whether she will be coming to India with me this December. I know! I know! I can't help it. I want my ticket NOW!
The pressure is a bit much for her, but we have to act soon. I have discovered that by simply leaving the day after Christmas instead of the week before, that the prices drop about 45%. So it looks like I will be going to India on December 26th this year, with or without Keri. I would rather she came with me, but you guys know me, I am going to India come hell or high water, even if I have to go alone.
Perhaps this is the year I will finally meet Mona? I wouldn't mind revisiting the Taj Mahal again, taking a dip in the swimming pool and lounging in one of the rooms. (Slumdog Millionaire again, I just cant help it!)

Have a lovely day!


G-Man said...

You bought 100 surplus parachutes from the Indian Air Force?

Great Job Mistress!!

Bare Toes....Grrrrrrrrrrr

lime said...

oh i do love those pants and immediately liked the pattern. silk and cotton, does it seem like the softness of silk with the greater durability of cotton? it sounds delicious.

S said...

LOL Gman youre such a pisser!

Lime, it feels cottony soft, and flowy like rayon, but not squeaky shiny or stiff like some silk. I dont really like silk, so blending it with cotton is perfect! The silk also makes for brilliant colors.

Blither said...


Purses and Pants! How versatile. I think that is a beautiful fabric.

Cheers S


bookbinder said...

It would make a cool shirt.

mssolitaire said...

comfy pants!!! :) And how cool is it that you ended with such a steal of a bolt!

Have a great weekend!

Mona said...

Those Pants look gorgeous, as so do you!

Lol! sure, we may meet, if I get there sooner...

Mojo said...

I bet Anaamika would lend you her hamsiya for dealing with those treacherous men. She's not a fan.

Mojo said...

Oh. I forgot to say... you look hawt in dem pants sista!

RennyBA said...

All textiles looks good on you and I can tell you've got my saying about the right clothes for the weather :-)