Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Portrait~ Dealing and Wheeling!

One of the highlights of Bangalore this year was getting to know Mir, a Kashmiri business man. I have made some purchases in his shop before and noticed that this man has impeccable taste. Some of you might say, "it's Kashmiri stuff, what's the big deal, you can get that everywhere?" But let me tell you, this man expects and delivers top quality in ALL that he sells, so I latched right onto this guy knowing we both understood the importance of the Q word. Additonally, by using Kashmiri artisans and not Indian slave labor, he is helping to keep that tradition alive. Now, Kashmiri business men are hard working, sharp as a tack, slick, expensive, and could sell a bridge to just about anyone. I know this, and I know it well, so when my brain started spinning about making some future business with Mir, I knew I would have to gather up my best business sense in order to deal with him. This lovely silk carpet costs a mere $5,000 USD.
Eileen found herself quite interested in his Kashmiri and Nepali knives. As she pondered over them, I soon saw an opportunity.... He's distracted, good job, Eileen!
You want me to pay HOW MUCH for those silk scarves?!!
Eileen ensures that Mir understands we are not typical tourists that come to India and toss our money around!
Since we could not buy the carpet, Mir allowed us to roll around on it a little! Pure ecstacy!

Exquisitely embroidered and beaded wall hanging from Kashmir.
Eileen looking quite lovely in a pashmina that we could not afford to buy. BTW, I was quite surprised when my girlfriend who has been blonde as long as I have known her, showed up at my door as a brunette!
Lots of cool Kashmiri sculptures.
A little more negotiating was needed in the end, apparently! We miss you, Mir, thank you for a lovely time.


barman said...

It looks like a fun time and all but I did not hear of snything being bought. Does not sound like a good busincess relationship to me.

I must say most of the goods looked amazing. I can see why you would have been attracted to them. What a enjoyable person to do business.

Thanks for the wonderful colorful pictures.

S said...

Oh Bryan we bought plenty!
If I show you what I bought, then I'd have to kill you.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you were able to make a new business contact, and one that understands impecable taste to boot! :)


Mojo said...

Sounds awesome. I suppose this isn't the time of year to get caught up in any of the seven deadlies, but you gotta know there's a bit of envy sneaking in through the side window. And I'm not really that keen on chasing it out.

Your buddy Mir sure came a long way to set up his business... Kashmir to Bangalore? Oh well I guess if Gul Panag can do it for an imprisoned husband, he can do it to make a rupee, right?

Besides, who wouldn't wanna deal with a guy who's willing to pose for Bollywood fight scene pictures with a client? I mean you gotta love a guy like that.

S said...

You got it, Mojo, Mir is a rockin guy!

There are thousands of Kashmiri business men all over India, Mojo, because Kashmiri can be a sketchy place to visit.

Im not catholic, envy is cool with me.

Anonymous said...

loving it...!!! can't believe you actually cajoled Mir (and Eileen for that matter) into all those action shots...!!! ok, check that...knowing you, it's hardly surprising really isn't it...???

sending you big flowery burps and hoping to see more cool pix soon...!!! :P

S said...

Ohhh gawddd fg you really did eat the flowers, didnt you?

g-man said...

I'm up!!

Mona said...

yea susie, I am in brother in law is very ill in ICU in a drug induced coma... Originally I had to go to Dubai where my sister was in a car crash, but then with this serious case come up, I had change of plans on the last moment. Might go to Dubai on the way back...

lime said...

oh my word! i absolutely love that you and Mir not onlu connected on the quality level but on the silly one. those pictures are an absolute hoot!

yay mir! and thanks for the lesson on labor sources too.

C-BAZ and ARTAX said...


Those look Sweet.

Great work Led Zepplin. Oh i mean KASHMIR

G-Man said...

Is Mir of the 'Polt Persuasion??

S said...

LOL Gman, NOOOO! He is not!
He is very pretty though, isn't he?
I have never met a gay Kashmiri man, but I am sure they are out there.

RennyBA said...

Great pics and fabrics!

I know you are a perfect wife, a great mother and a wonderful friend......

..... and now I know you are a very clever business woman too!