Tuesday, February 03, 2009

This picture cracks me up! It's so India!
So, well, um, yeah. I just...I'm nervous. Why, after going to India 5 times already, am I still nervous? I don't know. It's the airports that do it to me. And flight schedules. And not being able to lie down for 36 hours. (36 hours? What? Let's just say that unless I wanted to pay $3,000 this year, the quick way to Bangalore was out of the question.)
I have more than once done that sprint that OJ made famous in the airport commercials from the 80's. In fact, last year, it was starting to look like Mr Ratburn was going to beat me to India until I did some mighty fast sprinting and then pleading and begging at the United Airlines counter. In the end, I made it to India two days before Mr Ratburn.
So today I had my 106th sale on ETSY. That doesnt seem like a lot in 22 months, but it really has added up. Seems like all the funds I make selling at the market goes into paying for reality while my ETSY shop has paid for my dreams. That's ok by me. When I get back from India, I really plan to push the ETSY even more because making money in my sleep rocks!
As for leaving my family behind, wouldn't you know it, instead of getting easier, it just gets more emotional and difficult. I hate leaving my girl. And I am really going to miss my kitty this year because she is my newest baby girl. And, I had so much fun with Mr Ratburn last year that I wish he could come with me again!
Sheesh, I sound like such a big whiner. Sorry.
Now in other news, we have just started watching Survivor Palau. How many years behind does that make us? LOL I won't worry about spoiling it for you, and I am only on the first show anyway, but I just LOVED how the adventure started with the survivors having to row and/or swim to shore and begin making a camp. What I want to know, is, why anyone would participating in the third season of Survivor choose to wear stilletos on the boat is beyond me!
Now, I have a new goal which is that I want to either be on Survivor or The Amazing Race one day! I could really give a crap about one million dollars, although that could come in handy. What I see, especially on Survivor, is the opportunity for one mighty fun alternate adventure. As for TAR, I don't really think it would be that much fun running from airport to airport, do you? I also see in TAR and Suvivor the opportunity to play the game with integrity, or to be a total dickhead. Which way would you play? Would the money be the most important thing, or the adventure itsself? I have no doubt that the experience itsself is far better life changing than one million bucks. Of course, having both would not hurt.

Ok that's all for now.


barman said...

Oh my, you are almost gone. Have a wonderful and MUCH SAFER trip this time. No scary stories this time, please.

If I could be on one show I guess it would be TAR. I would like it because you travel to so many locations and not just one area. I would play with integrity and be tossed out on the first or second show. I admire the people that can pull off the sneakiness but that just is not me.

I saw Slumdog Millionaire on Sunday and got in trouble. How did I get in trouble? There were several parts in the movie where the song that was playing was just so infectious I had to do something. It was loud, I could feel the seats moving from all the base in the music, no one was sitting in my row and people were not really close to me so I started sort of drumming away on the cup holder next to me a few times. I loved that music. At the end a lady waited for me to watch all the credits and told me it was very distracting. I apologized and she sort of went into it again. I do not know what she was after. If she would have approached me in the theater I would have stopped right away.

Now I feel worried about you going to India. Of course I realize not everywhere in India are the slums and plus you are a smart traveler but still. Take care. By the way, while the movie was rather dark there were definitely parts I loved and others that I could have done without but the movie would not have been the same without it. I found the "orphanage" particularly disturbing. Still I am so glad I saw it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis, Be careful and good luck, I always wish I was going with you, maybe someday, anyway I love you and know that you will have a great time. Love J

g-man said...

Bon Voyage Suzay-Cue....Galen

Breazy said...

I would prefer the adventure, money doesn't buys a lot but not true happiness.

Wow, your trip is almost here. I hope you have a great time and I can't wait to see your posts from India.


RennyBA said...

I would have preferred adventure too.

I cross my fingers and toes for you and wish you a great trip!

lime said...

the eating of totally gross things just for the sake of eating gross things would take me right out of either competition. happy travels and may you not have to do the OJ sprint.

Anonymous said...

sending you positive vibes, best wishes for easy journeys, and a pack of wet wipes for the squeaky bum moments...!!! hahaha...!!!
if i don't catch you before, have a wonderful time and try to go easy on the Vat 69 ok...??? ;) :P
looking forward to the pics as always suse...!!! take care...!!!
mwah xxx

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love my new link Ms Sus! So fitting. I'll be back in Vegas on the 9th and then Seattle probably a week or to there after. Tee hee.

I have wicked withdrawls if I can't smell an airport every few weeks.


mobiluscat said...

OH girl if I could come I would - you will have a blast - so excited to hear your stories - left you a VM today - thinking of you and may those 36 hours pass very fast!

LisaPizza said...

Mother-Daughter Amazing Race! Forget Survivor, it's all gossippy and conniving and such nonsense! Plus you only get to be in one country while on the Amazing Race they travel country to country. With your travel experience, you'd rock!!!