Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bring On the Photos!

Hanging out with my newest business contact, Mir. We had lots of fun with him, as I will show you in days to come.
Hello everyone! I am back in California now. Boy, am I tired! I am just taking it easy, playing with my mountain of textiles and treasures, and watching Survivor Palau this morning.
The flight back was long and hellish, one 8 1/2 hour flight, a 6 hour layover in Amsterdam, at the butt crack of dawn which prevented Eileen and I from heading out to the Red Light District to get in trouble. Well, women can get in trouble there too, ya know! Then an 11 hour flight to SFO. During the flight I watched at least 4 movies.
I have something to say about NorthWest Airlines....DON'T do it. They suck, their customer service sucks, and they will blame it on the merge with Delta. That's just bullshit. Just be nice to your customers, NWA. Northwest Airlines With BAD Attitude, I say. I will be writing a complaint letter. Wouldn't you know it, the only polite and kind stewardess that we encountered on NWA was brand new. When I asked her name, and told her that she was the only one who was nice, she told us, "if you think they are mean to you, you ought to see how they treat me!" NWA, your stewardesses are nothing but a bunch of prune faced nasty old women, and pissy faggots. Let's get some fresh meat on that plane, people that appreciate their jobs, please.
I am pretty happy to be home except that LR has some pretty tough math homework that we simply cannot help her with. I guess I am going to have to take 7th grade math now so that I can help. In the meanwhile, she's worked herself into a crying tizzy, and I have jetlag, and I cannot deal so I sent her to her room. Now I get it that a math problem that could be answered with simple division is being turned into a complicated fraction thing so that the kids will be able to later on tackle algebra, trigonometry and etc, but man, I just never got a handle on that kind of math! So, what I have to do is figure out the answer the simple way, then work backwards from the answer. My technique is really blowing her mind because it isn't the way the teacher taught them. The bottom line, my kid simply has to learn to ask for help from her teachers when she doesn't understand something. She's going to learn that the hard way apparently.
So enough blabbering, I have been awake for 16 hours now and I am starting to fall asleep at the computer....
Here come the visuals. All these pictures were taken by Eileen or me. Let's just start with Bangalore, shall we?Rajastani women are very colorful.
Here I am at MTR, Mavali Tiffin Room. If you want to know more about this wonderful restaurant that serves a 12 course meal plus desert for $2., Wiki it, they are quite famous. Lookit the mess I am making!

This place just cracks me up. Eileen and I noted that you would NEVER see a Beefshop sign in India.
More fun with Mir. At this point I have gotten my hands on his knives....hee hee. So that's how I negotiate business!Monkey up a tree in Lal Bagh Park, Bangalore.
This young man was very proud of his beautiful wife. So sweet!

Eileen and I at Ebony on the 13th floor.

Have a lovely day!


G-Man said...

Fucking Amsterdam???
And NO TEA?????
What a waste!!!!!!!

Welcome back anyway....G

Breazy said...

Glad you are home and I hope you are getting the rest you need.

Math homework blows my mind, I am not good with math from a text book but throw some accounting type stuff my way and I am good to go.

The pics are lovely Susie, I can't wait to see more. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Airlines SUCK in general!!! I feel for ya!

yay for being back home safely! :) Sleep is a good thing! And you're back just in time to hop in the car and drive down to Fresno for the Rogue :D heeheehee!!!

Wonderful pictures, I can't wait to see more!

amadeus45 said...

Welcome back. So sorry to hear about the rough flight back, but I'm sure the nasty attitudes of the flight attendants had nothing to do with their sexual orientation. I guess after all that flying, I can't blame you too much for letting off a little steam :p

What I wouldn't give for six hours in Amsterdam. I love that city!

Have a good rest barefoot 1. -SSS

Fortress Guinness said...

glad to have you back safe n sound suse...!!! you must be sooooo tired...so thank you thank you thank you for getting some pics up on the blog already...!!! and a thousand thank you madam's for the stinky stix of course (^_^) take care, catch u soon...!!!

PS - there used to be tears over algebra here too ;P

S said...


Thanks BReazy, I am sooo tired still. Thankfully I am pretty good at math, up to geometry but excluding algebra.

Told Eileen about the Rogue, Solitaire! She's a local.

LOL SSS, you know I love fags!

Glad you got your pkg FG, was it all there?
But they were pissy fags, and I don't love them.

Anonymous said...

Hey sis, glad u made it home safely, and another year of adventures.....I've been waiting,cuz I know u r tired.....call me when u can. Lots of Love J

barman said...

Isn't "modern math" such a pain? Good luck with that.

I love the photos, very nice. As to the twelve course meal, I had something that looked very much like what you are holding at an Ethiopian restaurant I ate at once. The restaurant has moved but they still exist. I need to track them down some day. My that platter does look appetizing.

It sounds like that airline has went down hill since the last time I took them well over 10 years ago. I will keep that in mind. What ever happened to treating the customer with respect. Of course the other side is I am sure the customers are getting more and more rude by the year.

Glad you have safely returned. Welcome home. I hope you have now recovered. Can not wait for more stories and pictures.

lime said...

Mir is adorable.

that plate of food is a hoot.

the hamshop? well i guess it beats the snake shop.

as for math, we got to the point where we needed to get a tutor who knew what he was doing because we were of no use to the limelets. best of luck to lil rita.

lime said...

oh and as for NWA make sure you tell them about the one stewardess who was good and what her comments were too.

no excuse for such horrid attitudes from people.

RennyBA said...

I know I'm far behind, but glad you are home, safe and sound anyway!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful pics and I thought it was YOU climbing that tree at first :lol: