Saturday, February 14, 2009

Close Call, No Owieeeee!

Sometimes I think sitting on trains
Every stop I get to I'm clocking that game
Everyone's a winner now we're making that fame
Bonafide hustler making my name
(Paper Planes from Slumdog Millionaire)
Greetings from Bangalore. It's 8 am on Sunday the 15th. Some of you are just heading out with your sweeties for a Valentine date. I hope it's swell!
Yesterday in Mysore, Eileen and I woke at 5:30 am to the sounds of the Muslim call to prayer. Now, we had thought the prayer call was at 5 am, so when we awoke, realized that we now only had a half hour to prepare for the train to Bangalore! Oops! We made it though, and the train ride was slow and lovely, running through the countryside between Mysore and Bangalore. I have taken some really awesome little movies from the train door that I cannot wait to post here. At one point, I had switched to the other side of the train because the sunrise was too bright for pictures. I was holding on tightly to the siderails with one hand while hanging out of the train with camera. Suddenly the train door slammed against my backside and man, I almost got tossed! Yes, the train was moving. If I hadn't been holding on tightly, I would be wandering the countryside near Mandya trying to get a lift back to Bangalore. I imagine I would have looked and felt pretty scuffed up from flying off the train, slamming onto the ground and then rolling down a hill full of goodness knows what! I would have been the hit of the town, for sure. And reading the headlines the next day would have found this:
Camera Wielding Foreigner Tossed From Mysore/Bangalore Train by Angry Door!
(They have a funny way of putting things here.) Next time, I will be sure to latch the door to the wall before I go in front of it. Close one. The pictures will be worth it.
After collecting ouselves we spent the entire day shopping on Commerical Street for clothes and stuff. Despite the intense heat and humidity, we managed to have a good time. Then after that, we headed over to MG Road to see our new pal, and my new business contcat, Mir. You know, Mir is one among thousands of Kashmiri business men that you can find in India peddling their northern wares. Kashmiri men are hard working, determined business men and often pushy and frustrating. I won't say that Mir is not that, but after spending lots of time with him, and having to pony up my chutzpa to equal his, we came to an understanding that I am a businessman too, and it would be in his best interest to back off just a little and let me steer. So, he did! Now, I just love it that I have made this new contact, well, actually it's not new, I have spent time and money in his shop before, but never could I get the focus I got this time. Woo hoo!
Eileen and I both had a good night's sleep and today we will take it esy, going to Lal Bagh, a lovely park in Bangalore, and then we will have to tackle our luggage problem. Seems Eileen can shop even better than me, and so I think once in Goa, I will introduce her to the mobile DHL van that comes to your hotel and collects stuff to ship. Isn't that awesome?
Ok so, I just want to say that I don't want to come to India in February again, you wouldn't believe how hot it is. ICK. I am sure to be spending 95% of my time in Goa in the pool. Period. Get ready for a tanned Susie when I get back!
Hope you are all well.
PS Karen, I ran into that CHALO kid in Mysore, seems we made quite an impression on him too. "Where is the big lady?", he asked me, holding his hand wayyyy up in the air! I hung out with him awhile and slipped him a rs. 500 note. Poor kid, since he was 6 or so, hs been a tour guide because his dad is a worthless drunkard. He has never been to school, yet his English is perfect. He also speaks some French, Spanish and German. What a kid you are, Mustafa!
Ok people, over and out. Have a lovely day.


LisaPizza said...

Belated Happy Valentine's Day! Sideways Sam & I spent the day at the movies and we finally saw Slumdog Millionaire. We couldn't help but think of you and your annual trek to India. No falling off of trains with angry doors allowed, please. We'd miss you too much!

lime said...

egads! i am glad you didn't make the headlines!

mustafa sounds like an amazing little boy...prayers that somehow he can escape his lot and do well for himself.

barman said...

Thow Susie from the train... sounds like we have a new movie on our hands.

Glad you did not take that tumble. That would not have been fun. Do we need to pin a note to you ... if found, please return to...

Splish splash ... have a nice day.

Caroline said...

OH Challo Challo - tall lady will come back!

I had a serious heart attack when I think of you being thrown from the train - your travel pals we have to keep a good hold on you - but Eileen is worthy to the task!

RennyBA said...

Glad to know you're able to enjoy and have a good time - despite the heath and humidity. You're very adjustable Susie!