Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kali! Kali! Kali!

Hello everyone! I am sorry I am making you wait so long for the next exciting installment of Susiestheboss In India. I have been so busy trying to get my textiles bought, packed and shipped within the madness that is Bangalore. Today we are taking a car to Mysore. Some of you might say, WHAT a car? Why not take the train, its much cheaper. Well after lasts nights adventure, I think that the men of India are not safe around me and so I'd better just keep myself away from them, nah?
So what happened last night? Eileen and I are chilling in our room after a day of crazy Bangalore. Someone rings our door bell so I think it's those silly floor boys wanting to clean the room again for tips. I open the door and there is an Indian man standing there in his fucking pajamas! He looks drunk and he is swaying a little. I said, "Yes?" He said, "I just wanted to come to meet you." For a split second I just stood there wondering WTF??? Then I said to him, "Go away!" and slammed the door and locked the three locks. Then I called the front desk and told them what had happened. To say that they were lessthan concerned would be the right way to put it.
Now, recently there have been a couple incidents in Mangalore, home of the most idiotic men on the planet, where men assaulted a group of pub going women, tore their clothes, molested them, beat them, while others just stood by and watched. One man came to their defense and was beaten senseless. A few days later, a 15 year old girl in Mangalore killed herself after some 26 year old man, that they are calling a BOY, give me a fucking break...raped her. Afriad that she would be in worse trouble when her parents learned that she was no longer "pure", she drank poison. The "boy" got away, big surprise. I fucking hate Mangalore. Sorry my Mangalorean freinds, but take a good look.

Ok so where was I? So, I told the front desk guy to send a boy to my room to ecort me down there where I then unleashed my fury. I then made them take me to his room and we pounded on his door. He came out. Well, you guys know me by now. I bit his fucking head off. I didn't notice, but Eileen said he was really sweating! LOL. I made sure he knew that he was inappropriate. He told me that he had met me in the elevator that morning. I don't remember that at all. But of course, as you all know, American women are loose so why not come to my room drunk while in pajamas? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

So then I asked the man, how did he know how to get to my room. The floor boy told him my room number! Oh man! So then I had to get back to the lobby and give them a piece of my mind for that. What a bunch of fucking morons. The front desk guys apologized, but it really felt mostly like they were trying to clear up the problem but still, as Indian men, lacked the worldliness and education to see this as a serious situation. Afterall, are we women not put here for men to fondle and bother?

So, don't worry. All is well. Some of you will remember last years incident in Delhi, the molestation. I am afraid to say that unless the women of this country start fighting back, they will continues to be treated this way. I do believe I said the same thing last year after the attack on the woman in Mumbai at New Years Eve. Look here, ladies, if you want to go to a bar to drink in India, bring your mace, your letter opener, your gun, your steak knives, whatever, hairspray too! Set the knives, hairspray, rubber chicken, (LOL Lime thats for you!) mace out neatly on your drink table alongside your Vat69. Cross your arms and squint one eye. Look mean. Be sure not to be showing any body parts even though it's 99 out and 95 percent humidity, because afterall, you are a loose woman drinking in a bar so you deserve what you get.
I am happy that in my country women can freely do as they please as still keep thier body parts respected.
In other news, is there other news? :P We are about to head to Mysore, home of Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hills and 1000 steps to Nandi the giant bull. Mysore has grown a lot since the paving of the road between Bangalore and Mysore. It has been tow years since I have visited. I hope I still like it!
Hope all is well in blogland. Love to Mr Ratburn, LR, and my kitties! Oh yeah, I just want to say that all of India are excited and hopeful of our new president. It is my hopes too, that Pakistan and India will calm the FUCK down. Enough said.
I also have been given an interesting take on the Muslim situation but I won't go into it here. Suffice it to say that poverty and starving children will make desperate people do desperate things.

Peace and Love to you all! See you in Mysore. Love, Susie


lime said...

it's bad enough that drunk pj guy did what he did, so much worse that it was facilitated by a staff member and disregarded by management. raise hell, madam.

amadeus45 said...

Did my positive vibes backfire? So sorry to hear this latest bit of news. I'll try worrying again, see if that helps ;-)

I missed hearing about the wonderful Indian cuisine. So, what did you have for breakfast?

Have fun in Mysore. -SSS

Anonymous said...

Wonderful updates although having a drunk man in his pj's IS quite disturbing! Thank goodness you're you and you gave him a piece of your mind! :)

Safe travels!

BTExpress said...

Way to go girl! Give 'em hell!

barman said...

And I was worried? You go girl!

When you think about it at least some men are not exactly gentleman over here either but ... I can not even imagine those things happening here.

So you don't like PJs? Just kidding. I guess men are used to getting their way over there. It would sure be nice to see things get better for the women of India and all the surrounding countries.

Good luck on your next leg and I look forward to more stories.

Mona said...

O dear that is terrible!!

you should have gone to the police!

Wait a minute, give me the name of the hotel you are staying at and the address...I will write to the Media about this! This ought to get some attention!

You have my mailing addy, just give me the names...

RennyBA said...

Didn't I told you the story about only bad clothes, lately? :lol:

Go girl - be strong!

Thanks for taking your time to keep us posted, have a great weekend and a Happy VD :-)

Caroline said...

Oh baby - this was crazy - so sorry - hugs - you did good - a good role model