Friday, February 13, 2009


Demon Mahishasuran
I had this awesome post typed and then blogger ate it, or this lame computer ate it, or Mahishasuran ate it, I dont know, but now...I am too hot and sweaty to start over. All is well in Mysore, back to Bangalore tomorrow.
It's very very hot.
Love Susie


Amber said...

Wow, what is that? Hope you are having a good time. That story about that poor dog was so sad. I wish I could do the same thing for the dead kitties I see in the road on a daily basis.

Breazy said...

Hope you are having a good time! Happy Valentine's Day!

barman said...

Happy Valentines Day Susie.

You know blogger makes automatic backups, right? If you went into the dashboard or where ever you may have been able to recover most of your lost post. I hate it when blogger gets hungry.

Love the statue. Have a safe trip back to Bangalore.

barman said...
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RennyBA said...

So have you forgotten about the right clothes for the weather again? :lol: