Monday, February 16, 2009

Goa! Goa! Hot! Hot! Hot!

Greetings from Goa! It's very hot. Too hot for me. I am going to float in the pool all day long. Spent the morning sitting on the beach chatting and watching fisherman. There are lots and lots of dogs running around and pigs too. A cow or so wandering into the ocean. Totally hilarious. I really have no exciting tales to tell, but that could be a good thing!
I have just finished reading Q & A, the book that Slumdog Millionaire was based upon. I was happy to discover that the book is different enough that seeing the film first did not spoil the book. Q & A is difficult to find in the US, so I was more than thrilled to find a copy in Bangalore. As some of you may know, Slumdog Millionaire has swept the BAFTA awards, which means something like British......Film ....bla bla Awards I dont know! But it was a really really big deal, and all of India is very proud.
Also, every single person, Indian, European, or otherwise, that I have spoken to about our new prezzie thinks he is just fabulous. When asked how I think he will do, I just say, well, he is just a human afterall, but a very well meaning human, so we are hopeful. So is the rest of the world, and I think that is just swell.
So off Eileen and I go to the pool where we are bound to not move all day long. Hope you are all well, lots of love to you all, especially my Little Rita and Mr Ratburn. My poor kid, you know, I have left her with a cast on her broken foot, then she got the flu, 103 fever, etc, and now she's lost another tooth. Mr Ratburn must be a might worn out. I'm thinking, a little bit of knowing how it is for mommys will do him some good!
Mr Ratburn, you know I will make it up to you.
Love you Little Rita and Mr Ratburn.


LisaPizza said...

A day by the pool sounds fantastic just about now. It's been cold (50*) and rainy for 4 days now and I could really use some sunshine! So sorry I missed you last night on IM. I was watching TV in the other room. I hope we'll get to chat soon. I've updated my blog twice this week and I'm brewing a few more ideas, but nothing as exciting as your travels. Stay cool.

barman said...

Oh look, it's the cement pond!

We are cool here at about freezing but fortunately a good size snow we were getting is now going to be mostly rain. I will send you 10 degrees of cold if you send us 10 degrees of hot.

Sorry for the unhappy streak for Little Rita.

That is wonderful to hear what people outside the USA think of the prez. I hope he is able to live up to most of what everyone expects. He is off to a good start.

until you move oh ... here is a nice tall cool lemonade.

lime said...

i could take some heat and lazing by a pool or on a beach right about now. they are calling for more snow. glad to hear we have engendered some hope in the world lately. it's a refreshing change from being hated because of a buffoon.

Mona said...

Am glad that you are having so much fun!

Breazy said...

Lounging by the pool all day long sounds so wonderful to me right now because I am so over winter and cold weather, before it is over with I do believe I will freeze to death. Another reason it sounds so good is because it reminds me of our summer beach vacations, that is all I do is lounge by the pool.

Ms. Susie you enjoy your day by the pool and the rest of your trip. Mr. Ratburn does indeed need to learn what Moms deal with and if he is like my husband he doesn't mind the learning.

Have a great time and be safe!

S said...

Hello everyone! Hot Hot Hot!

All is well, glad I am not made of brown sugar!

g-man said...

What a coincidence...That Bizarre Foods guy Andrew Zimmern was in Goa today.
Be careful what you eat Susie Cue.
Miss you.....G

S said...

OMG what did he eat, Gman?
Im going to guess weird seafood and dog and cat or something like that.

Anonymous said...

hmmm pool day!!! Awesome! :) Sounds like you're having a wonderful time, as you knew you would be! :)

And a cow wandering into the ocean is quite an unusual story for me (land locked as I am)


Fortress Guinness said...

thats British Academy of Film and Televison Awards....!!! tut tut :P
it's still cold(ish) here so i think i'd gladly be lazing round that pool there...!!! ;) i've not long got over a fairly nasty flu virus so i'm hoping that's the last for this season and taking my vitamins like a good boy...!!! :P
more pics please madam...!!! (^_^)

BTExpress said...

Ya, you him big time. Remember those things wives tell their husbands they will never do? Well, it's time to pay the piper.

G-Man said...

Never mind that horseshit...I'm UP!!
(I just LOVE saying that)

RennyBA said...

Sounds like a perfect place on a day like that.

So you didn't met my son? :lol: I know; He was in Bangalore :-)