Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello from Goa. Today (Thursday) we will continue the pool thing. It's still very hot, as if I expected that to change. This morning we got up at sunrise so we could go up North and check out Old Goa, lots of churches and stuff.

(Friday morning) Yesterday morning we went to a Catholic Mass in Konkani, the language of Goa. As I am a non believer, I kept my attentions upon the ornate gold altar, statues, body parts of St Francis Xavier whats his name resting in a tomb, and other creative what nots. As I feared, a lightening bolt did not come through the church ceiling and strike me for being in there! In case you are wondering, I went for Eileen.

Spent the rest of the day lounging by pool and then at sunset Eileen and I jumped into the ocean again. Yes yes it's true! After six visits to India, I have finally swam in the Arabian Sea! It was fun. Since theft is common on the beach, we decided to walk down to the beach barefooted, only in our swimsuits and sarongs. Yes, that does cause a scene, even if you are a 48 year old California mama! It just takes some confidence and head held high to pull that off, and we did. I am glad that I finally swam in the ocean, and also that the sharks did not find us.

Today the entire hotel was awakened to the sound of coconuts blasting to the ground, while three very loud blabbering Konkani coconut hustlers raided the trees around our hotel. While it was quite a sight to see, I assure you that the entire hotel full of guests did not appreciate the early wake up call as partying until the wee hours had occured. I got some really cool videos and pictures, though, of the men scrambling up the trees. That is, after I went outside, wrapped in a blanket to ward off swarms of mosquitos, and told them all to shut their choding mouths! You know I am a bossy pants, and I was not about to listen to that blabbering if I could help it. Before you knew it, every hotel guest in the place was awake, with cameras documenting the event which went on for well over 2 hours. OYYYY!
So at the moment, I must run to my favorite vendor in Goa and take some picutes of us together. Sharon says hello to Madam Karenji and Mr Ratburn! Last night I had two whiskeys and then brought my new Finlandian? friends to meet Sharon, I told her "best prices" madam. I then stepped back outside to chat with her husband, Thomas. Things must have went well inside the shop while I sweated out my whiskey onthe street, because after the transaction was completed, I was given a gift of incense and a lovely carved stone incense holder for bringing the ladies to Sharon! Hurray. Then Mia and Mari escorted me back to the hotel for I was in no condition to be out wandering the streets, and they then continued their late night shopping spree.

Ok, I need a shower! See you all in Delhi.

**UPDATE** In Delhi now, busy day, Eileen is at the Taj Mahal while I shopped. More tomorrow. Susie


Anonymous said...

wow I would love to see the video of those guys... but it sucks they all seem to ape roosters! :/

I hope your trip continues to be successful and safe!

lime said...

i can just imagine you giving the coconut guys one earful!

glad you survived mass too, lol.

amadeus45 said...

More about the food, please :p


LisaPizza said...

Down at an English fair, one evening I was there, when I heard a showman shouting underneath the flare, "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts. There they are all standing in a row. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head! Give'm a twist, a flick of the wrist that's what the showman said.
"I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts. Every ball you throw will make me rich." There stands my wife the idle of my life. singing, "Rolla-bowla-ball a penny a pitch!"

I hope I leave at least a few of you with this song stuck in your head. Anyone know where it originated and with what artist?

LisaPizza said...

BTW, Please check out my 55FFF post.

Caroline said...

Oh these lovely stories - and going to mass - I am absorbing every single word - love it!!!!

Caroline said...

PS: realize coco was using my computer so I am publishing as here - ha!

Caroline said...

And hugs to Eileen! What a coconut story!

C-BAZ and ARTAX said...

You have such great stories to tell Susie. It sounds like an AWESOME time.

Spending time in the hotel pools has always been my most favorite when on any vacation.

You are a very strong entity out there and takin good care of yourself.

barman said...

Silly, I have never known anyone to be struck by lightening before. You know it would be interesting to do the church thing from a totally disconnected point of view. I bet you see things you would not have seen otherwise.

It is amazing you can climb coconut trees like that. I guess where there is a will there is a way. I have a hard enough time climbing a regular tree. Maybe the guests of the hotel should have picked up the coconuts and started chucking them at the climbers picking them off... OK, maybe not such a good idea.

Remind me not to try and drink you under the table any time soon.

RennyBA said...

Sometimes I worry about you out there in the big world, but now I know Mia and Mari are there to take care of you :-)