Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh, What a Ratly Feast!

Let's see...I've been at the fair for an hour now and have already eaten a super long corndog :P, and now this gigantic bag o' kettle corn which I watched the guy make right before my eyes! It was so fresh n' hot I was afraid the bag would melt. Do you think there was any kettle corn left for munching when we got home? Of course not!
Now, in all fairness, I escaped from the fair at 3:30 pm while Mr Ratburn went in for the long haul, lasting until 8:30 pm! What a sport. However, once back at the parking lot, I spent 45 minutes without success trying to locate the car. Finally I called Mr Ratburn who came out of the fair and found the car in about 20 seconds. OY!!! Thank you, Mr Ratburn, my hero.

This is a country fair, of course we got baby animals!

Mr Ratburn encourages Little Rita to get out there and bet on the horses! Actually, she just picks the horse, he places the bets.

Hmnn.....I wonder if that kids parents know what he's up to at the fair today? Hee hee!
If you look carefully at my right hand I am holding one of those photo booth strips of which is a family tradition. Why, Mr Ratburn and I have photo booth strips dating back to the mid 80's, long before Little Rita was around. One day I am going to cut a pretty fancy matt and place all those photo strips in order under a frame. Now won't that be cool?

We think this is hilarious because the young men in the seats behind our girls are waving to me for the picture!
I remember when I could do these rides without barfing.

And finally, Mr Ratburn and our pal do a little jig at the fair for us all.
Bless 'em.
Have a Lovely Day!


g-man said...


Just do it before devouring corn dogs of extra length, and hot kettle corn, and funnel cakes, and candy apples, and french fries, and lemonade, and.............

lime said...

oooh corn dogs and kettle corn. can you get funnel cake out there too? i love funnel cake.

love the idea for the photo strips too, that's great.

sounds like a good time was had by all.

amadeus45 said...

Looks like you were havin' a fun time at the fair. But what did you do after your 3:30 departure--sit in the car for 5 hours?

Arrived Lake Tahoe Saturday. Having a wonderful summer vaction. We probably won't make the OC fair this year, but we love it.

Have a wonderfull summer barefoot one.


S said...

I hate the rides, Gman, I dont like being spun either.

Yes we have funnel cake but I haven't eaten it ever.
Photo strops are on the way.

I went home, took a nap, ate some non fair food, watched tv. Mom/wives of teachers and students dont get a lot of alone time in the summer S!

Anonymous said...

looks like a splendid time was, indeed, guaranteed for all...!!! ;) ;P
glad you had a fab time suse...!!!

and tonight, Henry the Horse dances the waltz...

now playing on day the walls will talk...........

(^_-) xxx

Amber said...

oooooohh. family fun. I love your photo strip idea. We love to get pictures with any character or guy dressed up as a cartoon character. I love fair food. funnel dogs..churros. dont feel bad...I am unable to ride those rides either

Amber said...

I love family fun and I love your photo strip idea. We try to get many pictures with characters or guys in costumes. I love funnel cake, pretzels, churros....hmmmmmm...Fun!

Amber said...

I just left many comments cause they just dissapeared and I didnt know they went for approval