Tuesday, July 07, 2009

You're Not Reading This

So what year, when, are we all going to give up fireworks? Yeah, yeah, I hear ya, "but they're so pretty!" I hate em. They are expensive, they are loud, they pollute the air. I find it ridiculous that people will mass in thousands, wait for hours for 10 minutes of pyrotechnical display, but still I managed to get dragged along by non-enlightened family members. (Ok, by LR, who wanted to run around with her pals, sans parents, all night on the football field.) In our town, because of traffic considerations, we stink up the county one night early by having our display on the 3rd.
We had a pretty full moon on the 4th as well. LR and I drove to a really high spot in the hills and found our place to watch the fireworks display from afar because there was no way I was driving 15 miles one way to pay $5. a head, and wedge myself into the local fairgrounds to see these 10 minutes of light.
So we watched most of it, the puffs of quarter sized light on the horizon from two larger towns east of us. Whatevah! Look at the sky, 20 miles of grey thick smoke floated over the plains. Disgusting. Then traffic jams that rival Los Angeles just to get home from that event. Figure it takes about 7-8 hours to prepare for 10 minutes of fireworks display, once you include planning, packing, driving, walking, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, then 10 minutes, then about an hour or more to get out of the fairgrounds parking lots, then get home.
This is just two towns. Think about the entire country spewing all that smoke for one night a year. No wait! Think about the entire country NOT spewing all that smoke for one night a year. Now that's what I'm talking about.
Now this is California, where we care about our air, supposedly. If we really did, fireworks would become illegal forever.
Now what could we use to replace fireworks while still keeping with 4th of July picnics, comeraderie and etc? I suggest shooting wieners from air guns at each other at 10 paces. Hot dogs are disgusting anyway. Or how about just hanging out with everyone that you love, having the bbq, the sack races, the watermelon eating contests and what have you. Then when it becomes dark, just play charades or something.
I just don't like fireworks, except for maybe these really cool graffiti art paintings of fireworks by Ivesone, a street artist from Amsterdam. Please go check out his blog which is full of his bright and imaginative art.

Have a lovely day!


lime said...

to each his own. i like fireworks but it doesn't have to be some big organized expensive display.

RennyBA said...

In Norway, we only have fireworks at New Years Eve and fire them ourself - so no big displays. But then again, we're only 4.7 mill :-)

G-Man said...

Bitch Bitch bitch...
It's the Fourth of July..
Lighten up Francis..:P

TorAa said...

I prefere Champagne instead of Fireworks.
Cork in the Air and Foam - but stay outside.LOL. I have had some bad experiences inside.
That's my kind of "Fireworks".

Besides, to day we can use holographic fireworks. No pollution, if the power origins from hydroelectric-powerplants.

And in Southern California, fireworks and dry bushes and forests are not the smartest combination.

I've seen in France, preparing for July 14: They spend several days and weeks to plan, the pyrotechnicians.

In Norway Fireworks are very restricted. Only small ones, boxes standing on the ground.
In the past years, the City of Oslo has arranged a public Firework at the Harbour during New Year. And there are also some other Fireworks related to the finnish of some Festivals. Though very regulated and restricted.

Here is a Norwegian knitter:

btw. Sorry, I've been working long days and evenings the past months, so excuse me for not have being a frequent commentor;)

Anonymous said...

I haven't actually done fireworks the past two years, but there's still that little girl inside that finds glee in a little fireworks display.

Anonymous said...

hey suse...you wanna try being in Valencia during the middle of March for Las Fallas (google it...and i remember ive blogged on it too...!!!)...now them's fireworks baby...!!! lol ;) :P xxx