Monday, February 08, 2010

Delhi Stuff

My other car is a rickshaw!

While in Delhi, I always have to visit Dilli Haat, a wonderful place to shop for clothing, shawls, bedspreads and handicrafts from all over the subcontinent. Also there you will find lots of dancers and music, as in these pictures that Keri took while visiting Dilli Haat.

A short film of the dancers at Dilli Haat. The kid seems a lot more interested in getting his rupees for every photo taken than he is in his dancing. Well, he didn't catch us, the little whippersnapper!

Three salesmen show bedspreads to shoppers.

Now waitaminit, that's not a salesman back there, that's me digging through all those bedspreads for the ones that catch my eye!
One day in Delhi, we went to Karol Bagh on the new Delhi metro, which was pretty cool. We were in search of a salon called Looks. Once we got there Keri got a pretty lousy pedicure and I received the most awesome scalp and neck massage that I have ever had in my life! :P

Giggle! This sign is about 20 feet by 10 feet on the metro platform!

A short little film about being squished on the Delhi metro.

This picture snapped on Kingfisher Airlines, the best airline in the world as far as I am concerned!
Next stop, Goa.

Have a lovely day!


furiousBall said...

more beautiful shots, thanks for sharing more :)

lime said...

i always love the photos from your trips to india. the dancers and the bedspreads just tickle my eye with all the color!

RennyBA's Terella said...

Other than being an artist in transforming Indian fabrics into sophisticating clothes art, you should be a travel reporter!

Enjoy you're weekend as you remember to dress for the right occasion ;-)

S said...

"Sophisticated clothes art"
I love that, RennyBA!

G-Man said...

They have Gay Pride Day in India?