Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grandmother! :O

...the white sheep of the family?

On my visit to the Taj Mahal in January, I noticed this Muslim family watching me from a short distance, and smiling at me. They were young and already had a handful of kids. The mamma smiled shyly from behind her burqua and the father walked up to me and put the baby in my arms and said, "grandmother." Well, most American women might be insulted but I know by now that at 49, I am well old enough to have become a grandmother in India.
So, as usual, a photo session happened, and here it is. I hope you will enjoy it.
Perhaps it didn't bother me that I was called "grandmother" because I know I will most likely be older than 60 before Little Rita has kids.
So, what is up in my life now that I am back?
Well, I have been truly inspired by my trip to India and the fabrics that I have brought back, so I have been sewing my arse off pretty much. In addition to that, one of the most fun things that happens when I get back from India is that I get phone calls everyday from people that just cant wait for the market to begin in April, that have to see my shawls and bedspreads, NOW! I just love that! So naturally, the best of the stuff is slowly disappearing already. And yes, I cannot help it, I am already dreaming of my next trip, which will be in December. That will be my 8th trip to India, and I will leave the day after Christmas again since that maneuver saved me $900. on my flight.Ok wait, but back to reality. Is there one? Currently, I am contemplating the concept of purchasing real estate in Goa. And um, so is Keri, so to heck with reality. I hope you are all well.


Mona said...

That is a handful??? Sackful rather!

did that man have two wives ;)

yea, most women are grandmas here at a very young age

furiousBall said...

very sweet!

S said...

Yes, Mona, now that you mention it, that might have been two wives there. I thought one was the granny or auntie but yeah, the kids are too close in ages to be from one mom.

Thanks, Furious!

Dianne said...

Wonderful photos. So warm and universal. Thank you for your comments and for visiting my site, I too have teenagers and just turned 50, I also love your foot photo. My friends from college days have a tradition of sending eachother photos of travels with landmarks in background and foot in foreground. I am tempted to start a theme: Tuesday Toes on my blog, since I am writing less and less.

keep in touch.

lime said...

what sweet shots. that top one cracked me up a little but the others were just sweet.

real estate in goa??? yer kidding right?