Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Portrait

Harvey Pekar, disgruntled and underwhelmed writer of illustrated literature, has passed away at age 70. My hero....gaaaackkk!

If you want a fun way to know more about Harvey Pekar, please check out the hilarious film about Pekar which was made by none other than Robert Crumb and Terry Zwigoff, called American Splendor. It stars Paul Giamatti, of Sideways fame, and it's a hoot, I promise. Now, if you love comix, then you will love the American Splendor series which goes back to the early 80's! (yes, I have them ALL!)

Did you know that Harvey Pekar appeared on the Dave Letterman show a few times and each time, WOW what a scene?! You can find those goofs on youtube... here is just one and it is hilarious! Now what I love about Pekar and what he does best is poke fun at everyday life. One of my favorite schticks of all is when he writes about the strange things people buy, and conversations he overhears while in the grocery store line.
There is so much information on the internet about grumpy old Harvey that you could explore, i'm not kiddin'!

RIP Harvey, ya done well.
Although.....chances are you'll find somethin' to grumble about in heaven.

Have A Lovely Day!


lime said...

RIP seems an odd thing to say about someone who will find something to bitch about in heaven ;)

Brian Miller said...

haha. limes comment...i do so remember his art growing up...have not seen the movie though....

g-man said...

RIP Brother!!

amadeus45 said...

The world is a happier place without Harvey, and all the sadder for it.

Love the movie. Paul Giamatti and Hope Davis are this centuries Bogie and Becall.

Give 'em hell up there, Harvey. Nobody deserves eternal happiness!


S said...

Hey Steve!!! I know you loved Sideways. And I also hope he gives em hell up there!