Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs!

Hanging out in Seattle all week!

Fun hair!

First person to correctly identify the location of this shop gets a prize.
Man Pies is not a gay bar...

I have been taught properly by the locals that this is THE snack to have while in Seattle!

I saved you some!

Little Rita kicks BUTT on her very first wakeboard ride!

Ok we had a fab time in the great northwest, more pics later!
Have a Lovely Day!


Logophile said...

looks like fun!

lime said...

i want to know what exactly that snack is!

S said...

lil donuts fresh outa the fry thingy then tossed into paper bag with cinnamon sugar, then shaken!
(it's logos fault, she took me there first)

g-man said...

Hot outta the grease?

NOTHING but NOTHING is better!

g-man said...

Thanks for your kind comment to me Suzie Cue...
It's a labor of love!

TorAa said...

Whatever, you give me a positive view of life.
You are so clever dealing the positive side of life it's a pleasure to read your blog and see your splendid photos.

And in Seattle, only passed by 3 times, on I-5, both times on 2-or more. LOL.
Next time, I will drop into. Next year we will cross the Pond - West Coast from SF and up North, besides a short visit to my Son in MI.

Are you going to India soon?

btw. Sorry I have been a bad commentor for a too long time