Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ganga Giri & Sukhawat Ali Khan

Image hosting by PhotobucketCan it really be Sunday morning at 8 am? Say it isn't true. While you betas were all tucked snuggly in your beds last night, Mr Ratburn and the Barefoot Mistress went to a rave.
I got into bed at 3:30am this morning and now I have to go work at the farmers market?! Yes, sadly, it is true...
While I suffer, please enjoy this video of an Australian band called Ganga Giri, who performed last night.
And then, I have added a video of another performer from last night, Sukhawat Ali Khan and his amazing sufi band.
Rave on, people.
See you later, groannn!!!
**UPDATE**Ok the market's over, it was 95 degrees, totally exhausting...
BTW I heard from the runaway, and she is fine, having fun, but her butt is a little sore.
Have a lovely Monday, beautiful bloggy peeps!

Ganga Giri

Sukhawat Ali Kahn


G-Man said...

I sure wish that I could hear this..( No sound card)
But I enjoyed the video anyway..
Have a great week Susie!!

lime said...

hehehehe, i heard from the runaway too. she wanted me to google the weather reports.

YOU madam, are a wild woman!

G-Man said...

Yes I'm techno-pathetic!!
Not quite the whiz you are..I did manage to put up a new post though..xo

MONA said...

Ah! Sufi music, my favourite! Do you understand the words Susie? They are as soulful as the music itself! Totally in harmony with the whole..with LOVE..