Saturday, June 23, 2007

Summer is Here!!!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! We will be at Bass Lake relaxing!


Seamus said...

I'm sorry your life is so tough! ;)

Have fun!

G-Man said...

You know why I love you so much?
(other than the HNT's and peeing )
You really know how to have fun!
You get the very best out of life, and you don't look back.
What a great family!!
Have loads of fun..xoxoxo

lime said...

have a great time you guys!!

barman said...

Oh now that all looked so fun. I would love to try tubing sometime. What is a few bruises when you are having fun.

G-Man said...

Did you have fun?

MONA said...

Susie! You & mr Ratburn are made for each other!!

I hope you had a roaring time! [ knock knock, do I see the bra still dangling on the dorr knob!!!]

bsoholic said...

Weeeee! Fun times, hope your weekend was good! :D

jillie said...

That looks like sooo much fun! Have a blast at the lake. Like we really need to tell you of all people to have fun. You scream it!

Breazy said...

The water looks wonderful!

Hope your week is good!


Flash said...

I love the last picture of you in the inner tube, because if you look at it appears your skinny-tubing!

hope your weekend was great!

Gawpo said...

Tote! Do you know where Hornitos is???