Saturday, June 30, 2007

Want Your Own Village?

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I am hanging out with Little Rita and the Villagers......
if you haven't yet checked out Virtual Villagers, and VVII you oughta. That is, if you like that sorta gaming. There's no warfare, no killing, although people do die from old age, disease and starvation as you try to build a village for these poor castaways, teach them to plant crops, fish and build stuff! Oh, and I almost forgot, you get to make babies. My favorite part of the game is breeding out the erm, less desirable persons in the tribe, and making lots of babies with the hot ones. Personally I have an attachment to the blue haired dreadlocked ladies and the handsome tousled dark haired boys. Here are a few shots from VVI, which you of course have to start with!
See what happens when you have too many babies?
Villagers in action.
Ok that's all I got, go get your own village today!


lime said...

too funny! so i wanna hear more about this eugenics program of yours:P

RennyBA said...

No, no own village for me - I have way to much to play with already!

Wishing you a wonderful and playful weekend:-)

Stealth said...

that sounds fun! when my internet is back on and stuff...and yes the white Eritrian used to work with me...he gave me the name Tuesday when everyone else called me Wednesday..something about Morticia being pregnant...anywho...I will miss you while I am down :(

MONA said...

so many babies!! Gee! that looks like INDIA!

Gawpo said...

And this is a perfect reminder to always keep in mind----the little people.

Thank you, Ms. S