Sunday, July 01, 2007

8 Revealing Facts About Me Drive-by Stylee

I've been tagged by the lovely Miss Lisa Pizza , so I'm gonna do it quick like!
1. I am left handed.
2. I make the best blackberry pie west of the rockies.
3. I was born in Eritrea. (Where!?)
4. My mother is Canadian, my father grew up in Santa Monica, CA.
5. I'm the middle child of three.
6. I am fascinated with size, I love miniature things and oversized things as well. I'm even fascinated with the sizes of people. Really tall, really short, tiny, large bones....huge hands, mini hands..I always notice these things.

7. I have a serious textile addiction.
8. I have never had a cup of coffee in my entire life.

Ok Im a rebel, Im not tagging it if ya wanna. Have a lovely day.


Logophile said...

I match you on 1 and 5,
I want to taste number 2,
my mum was born in England,
I have a serious caffeine addiction but Ive never had a textile withdrawal in my whole life.

lime said...

hehehe, how cool is it that i already knew all of these ;) AND i even know where eritrea is, and that's asmara is its capital...

S said...

I think you two know me too well! :P

G-Man said...

You were born in eurethra?
And the capital is Assmatter?
Is this a joke between you and Limey?

Have you been on a serious diet?
Holy Shit do you ever look BUFF!!
Are you pumping iron?
Teaching Pilates?

...and the irony.
Sitting next to a Cheeseburger!!!


Pankaj Gupta said...

wow..i enjoyed this blog posts..the legs pic is lokking dashing..
ok i wish to have the best blackberry pie west of the rockies.
ha ha think we are
i like textile bt nt very much..
and iwould like to INVITE you to have a CUP of COFFEe dear..think you enjoy the is not as bad..ha only if you like to hv..
well as i said its a cute Blog like you..
i also like MOONSOON WEDDDDDING movie..and HINDI MUSIC...???oh i am you knw ablout HINDI....if YES than WOW--i am surprized...thnx thnx for ur nice comments dear..bye.GOD bless YOU alwys.

bsoholic said...

I assumed it was a tofu burger as I was thinking you are a vegetarian. Hell I could be wrong. ;)

Great job on the chop in any case!

SignGurl said...

Way cool picture!!! You look great! And, very interesting facts.

In reference to your clothing comment, I have been soooo lucky. Many people have taken pity on me and given me hand me downs. The only things I've really had to buy are jeans (I wear them to work) and underwear. The real problem lies with the fact that both Mr. Sign and I are shrinking so the clothing needs are double!

Amber said...

I played the virtual villager game, with the free trial. I went to go check on them 2 days later and they were all dead. Oops! It was fun while it lasted, however only two of my villagers were compatiable. The rest just weren't interested in eachother. It was pretty cool.

jillie said...

That cheeseburger looks really good about now...

great meme...I can see that you have a lot of fun with your textiles.


airplanejayne said...

I am also a lefty!

and #6 -- well....I sorta have a thing for those sample size things. You know...the shampoos, lotions, makeup, etc.

Lily said...

no coffee... ever?


Oh Susie that's so sad!

MONA said...

SUSIE! Wow! you never had a cup of coffee! amazing!

eritrea?.uh.. my geography is so poor...

& that burger near you is like IRONY!

You look great Susie! As always!

RennyBA said...

i will always have to check my hamburger before eating after seeing this post then - to see if holds salad and not my colorful friend Susie!

Btw: Your welcome over to my new blog home and I'll serve whatever you like (except for coffee of course:-)

MONA said...

Happy Independence Day to you & your Family Susie :) :)

RennyBA said...

Here to wish you Happy Independence Day - Spare Ribs are served in my new blog home:-)

Gawpo said...

Here in Newport (Oregon, that is) there's a restaurant called The Whale's Tale. On its menu they have "The Chief Justice Burger."

Is Eritrea where you pass kidney stones and it hurts like hell?