Friday, July 13, 2007

You Can Bring Your Dog

Image hosting by PhotobucketEver since Tori Amos' newest release, American Doll Posse, I have been dying to share some of her songs with you. Being that she hasn't yet toured in the United States to promote her new songs, it's pretty next to impossible to get complete performances of this song at this time. So what I have for you is, a short sound clip, and a short video clip of You Can Bring Your Dog....What a pain, I know....the dedicated will tough it out!

I hope you will enjoy this and have a wonderful Monday. No really, I mean it!

Tori AmosYou Can Bring Your Dog (this is supposed to be entire song but it isnt! Hmpghfhffhf!)


MONA said...

ah! I saw that one on the music channel today!

& no it is not in full here ... but thanks for the Glimpse Susie! :)

Logophile said...

You still got that something,
Pretty boy
I liek this one.

jillie said...

She can still kick some ass!!

MyUtopia said...

I saw the video the other day!

G-Man said...

No sound card Susie!!
Can't hear shit!!
Is she better than Rufus?