Monday, July 30, 2007

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk, Rufus Alert!

I met RUFUS in Seattle! I may never wash my right hand for the rest of my life!
OK, I mean, it was just me and one other guy...and I was too nervous to go up to him, and Nate, the other guy, grabbed my arm and dragged me over there! Thank you Nate! I can now die!
More later on Seattle...did she or didn't she do the Needle?


MONA said...




Wow Wow Wow!!!

You made it!!!!

lime said...

woohoo!!!!! i thought i heard a shriek coming form seattle!

and yeah, i am pretty sure ya did the needle, after meeting rufus i bet you were sky high anyway.

Tommy said...

Okay ... I'll play ... what is a Rufus? LOL. I am woefully undereducated apparently.Welcome back sugar.

snowelf said...

Hey Susie!

I don't know who Rufus is either, but I'm very excited for you anyway. Anyone that makes you that happy canNOT be bad!!

:) :) :)


Amber said...

Looks like Michael Ian Black the comedian. Who is that guy.

Keyser Soze said...

Uhhhh....who's Rufus?
Rufus Wainwright III?
Sorry. Woefully ignornat of pop culture. Paris Hilton go tdenied her inheritance...

Photocat said...

Rufus - yippeee for you!!!!!!!! See you soon - I hope - when are you guys in town? I have been catching up with your wonderful blog - sorry you lost so much - but not your mind - hugs to Rita and Mr. Ratburn -

What was that again? said...

DID YOU MEET EN????? You were there in Seattle..

I missed you!

Look, I started blowing people up without my tea!!

weirsdo said...

Looks familiar, but I also have no clue.

Logophile said...

Since you were about to pass out just from seeing the sign I can just picture you freaking out about meeting HIM!
Lol, you so crazy, girlfriend.

BTExpress said...

Who the heck is Rufus?

G-Man said...

Hi Susie-Que!!!
Welcome Back!!!