Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yo George!

i salute to you Commander
and I sneeze
´Cause i have
Now an
To your policies it seems
Where have we gone wrong, America?
Mr. Lincoln we can´t seem to find you anywhere out of the millions
From the deserts
To the mountains
Over prairies
To the shores
Is this just the Madness of King George
Yo George
Is this just the Madness of King George
Yo George
Well you have the whole Nation on all fours
Tori Amos


Marc said...

Cream of mushroom | nuclear warfare

Six and a half, one dozen the other!

RennyBA said...

I knew we had a lot in common, also politically and when you grilled me last summer, you know what I mean:-)

As a Norwegian, I should be careful with interfering with others, but I'm glad I'm married to and American who still can cast her vote - so let's hope for a change:-)

Tommy said...

Um, Hi Susie. Missed your IM the other night. I fell asleep with the computer still logged on. Hope all is well. Talk to you soon.

lime said...

holy moley, he looks like the missing link!!

G-Man said...

Our Fearless leader!!