Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Who Will Be At San Souci Tonight?

Visuals from Seattle....

Some things are not as innocent as they seem, and will make you very wet

Um yeah, that's me in the Moore hotel lobby bathroom, listening to Rufus' soundcheck through the vents!

What do you mean WHO IS RUFUS?


The Seattle main library is a freak show.

So like, did they run out of paint and then use whatever they had lying around? Hee hee just kidding! It's really cool in there I swear it.

Pretty things at Pikes.

Someone took me to a spa for a facial! Do I look relaxed?


I really did it, I went up there!

This shot was taken with my Nokia mobile phone, RennyBA! (Just kidding!) But, it was taken from the top of the Needle! Yes, yes, I did go up there this time and I have proof.


Tommy said...

"Some things are not as innocent as they seem, and will make you very wet." hehehe, That's what my girlfriend used to say, then I found out she was talking about him, not me. *sigh* Congratulations brave girl. Hope you are having a blast.

S said...

Awww, hugs Tommy, and thanks for being first.
I wasn't scared because Logo was holding my hand.

Logophile said...

love the pics of the place.
Have I mentioned that I love Seattle?
You have some great shots of why that is.

lime said...

way too much fun! glad you got to meet rufus and you made it safely to the top of the needle and back down. yay!!!!

Blissfully Wed said...

I'd like to go to that library someday.

Glad you had a blast. You're way cool.

snowelf said...

Oooooh!! THAT Rufus!
Awesome pics, Susie! :)


TUG said...

You should go up in what used to be the Columbia Tower (can't remember the name now). It's the tall black building. They have an observation floor a little shy of the top.

You make me miss that place.

TorAa said...

What a tradegy - Too late again I was. seems to be a habit.
Maybe I should start blogging only for myself - To be sametime, I mean.

Great post.