Friday, July 20, 2007

55Flash Fiction Friday

If I was a hobo
I'd sneak into your yard
Steal your fresh hot pie
Cooling on the sill
I know you'd think me naughty
As I ran, pie in my hand
Your little dog would chase me
But he would do no harm
We all know it's a little game
You baked this pie for me
I know because
You needed two but baked three!
I just cannot figure out how to eliminate 11 more words, so today you get 66 words. It's ok, rebellion is allowed around here!
The most loveliest G~man will be the official host of 55Flash Fiction Friday next week as I will be in Seattle with this character being forced up into the Needle! I'll see you if I make it back.


MONA said...

OOOOOOOHHH SUSIE! I would love to play that pie stealing game too!!

A game with a feast in the end!!!

How Romantic!!

barman said...

Oh such memories that brings back. We had a neighbor that dressed up as a hobo once for Halloween. He made a pretty convincing one two. I do believe he went around to a few homes and even made like he was pilfering a pie.

Anyway I have been scanning my parents slides and I knew we had a picture of him. I went a searching, scanned it in, shrunk it to more easily email it and ... :( you don't have an email listed.

Susie, if I can send those two pictures to you somewhere could you please let me know at It is nothing special but it jut so came to mind when reading your wonderful 55. Very nice Susie. And thank you for the wonderful trip down memory lane.

Anonymous said...

susie this is so fantastic and enjoyable and the pic tops in off in fine form.
Great work.

SignGurl said...

I love it. It's so nostalgic.

Now I'm hungry for pie.

I played again this week. I've been enjoying doing the 55's.

snowelf said...

Oooo, pie. I have got to get some breakfast!

Have fun in Seattle! I have always wanted to visit there!!

--snow (also up)

Flash said...

So 20's....I picture Charlie chaplin sneaking in and stealing the pie. Great writing!!!

and as always, The Flash continues the playing of the 55FFF's

J Morgetron said...

OH you wicked little rule-breaker you. I love it!
Mine is ready for your reading enjoyment as well.

Ameratis said...

hmm 66 words, I dunno if that kind of rebellion is acceptable LOL just teasing! Good one this time! I did one but it is not fiction this week LOL

Logophile said...

so sweet.
66, you can't even follow your OWN rules!

Tommy said...

You rebel. *sniff* I'm so proud. Good one Susie. I'm working on it ... just gimme time.

Irish Mama said...

Awesome, Susie! And I agree with Flash, I can totally picture Chaplin. Oh, and mine's up!


Rusty Nails said...

Hmmm...isn't a 66 Flash Fiction prophetic of something?

So, you should rent a motorcycle while in Seattle if weather is nice. You & Logo could go cruisin' all around.

Charles in HK said...

While you are in Seattle, I'll be in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai! Have a great time!

G-Man said...

Flash 66?
Oh well......
I love your use of Multi-Media..
I'D be honored to be your 55 lackey!!!
Have fun Susie...Galen

RennyBA said...

What a lovely game - I do forgive you for the 67 this time:-)

Wishing you and your family a great end to your week!