Thursday, February 07, 2008

55Flash Fiction Friday

Frizzy hair and Burts Bees lips
Yarn flies from her fingertips
Smell her cookin in the night
She's a restless vegan on a tofu flight
Oohhoo tofu woman
She won't eat no fries
Oohhooo tofu woman
Her cookin won't add to your thighs

She fed me tofu in the night
Danced with tofurkey in the firelight....
OK, OK, enough, right? That was 55 words of my Tofu Woman song, sung to the tune of Witchy Woman, by the Eagles. We were cooking dinner tonight when suddenly this song was created. Where we live, there are so many old hippie women , that it wasn't difficult coming up with a visual.
Let us know if you wrote a 55 so we can all come over and see it, and as always, if you'd rather, you can report over to G~man's blog. He's got lots of good foods over there and also gives great comment.
Now, this entire Tofu Woman thing has got me thinking about Lime's blogger girl HNT post from yesterday. That was pretty funny, wasn't it? Well, perhaps Tofu Woman ought to become a super hero as well.
Have a great weekend, everyone!


Breazy said...

I am not a Vegan but I like Tofu and that roast is looking pretty darn good if you ask me.

Great 55, hope you are doing well!

Akelamalu said...

LOL that was really cool!

Mine's up too.

Queenie said...

Tofu woman and the Blogger girl, aka the dynamic duo.
I'm up

Mona said...

LOL! This is the third mention of thighs in a 55 that I have witnessed today. & I thought I was the only one talking about them !

lime said...

LMAO!!! you crack me up girl. given how i feel about tofu i think maybe tofu woman should be blogger girl's and superwriter's arch nemesis. lol

Logophile said...

maybe that fatbottomed girl Queen is always singing about should go be her sidekick

Polt said...

heehe, love the song.

I've played along this week as well.


Seamus said...

LMAO! Witchy Woman will never again sound right without tofu!!!

Snow White said...

Love it, Susie! You always do such a great job!

I've posted today... just didn't get a chance to let you know before work this morning! Have a great weekend!

G-Man said...

Burt's Bees lips!!
I love that line Susie!
For being such a carnivore, I really enjoy tofu. I cook with it all the time.
I think we can both handle the 55 duties, besides, I'm leaving for Daytona Bike Week on Friday Feb.29th, and will miss 2 postings and will need your help..
Keep on Sewing...G

Strumpet said...

Oh My God.

You should make Tofu Woman into a comic book!

The vegan kids would go NUTS for her!!!

smarmoofus said...

I have that song in my head, now. With the original lyrics for now, of course. Very cool, though. Very cool.

I'm up.

Anonymous said...

Tofurkey...??? WTF...??? is this for real...??? i need to know...