Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Have A Good Excuse, Really I Do.....

So this Friday I will unveil a big batch of my new clothes made from the fabrics I brought back from India this year. I took this picture so you could see how busy I have been. There are about 20 more pieces at the shop already.
The sick thing about me is that I make everything myself. It takes forever, but it's fun.
See, I really have been busy, and still I am sorry for abandoning my blogsponsibilities.
And finally, some Amy Winehouse for those of you that, like me, think she is awesome.

Have a lovely day.


Polt said...

so all this clothesmaking...you're gonna try out for Project Runway next time right? I wanna see you there. :)


barman said...

Wonderful looking clothes with lots of nice colors. You do good work seamstress Susie. I do not know she is just growing on me or if that song was different but I really liked Amy in that song.

Mona said...

Gosh! you do all that stitching yourself? Unbelievable!!!

Mona said...

You could get them ready made here Susie. We had a cultural fair here & the amount of fabric from all parts of the country, the variety here made me think of you a lot!

We have this Taj Mahaotsav every year over here starting from 18th Feburary till the 27th. & you get so much variety of fabric , both stitched and unstitched from all parts of India!

S said...

Ah yes, the tailors of India....my bane.

LOL Mona!

RennyBA said...

.. and remember to make the right cloths for every weather conditions - keep your head, neck and feet warm and then there is no such as bad weather :lol:

You need some good one when your coming to visit us in Norway you know!

G-Man said...

Hey Hoser...I'm up!!!