Sunday, February 03, 2008

Jaipurian Khatru

Trying to get his kite out of the tree.

Aslams nieces and nephews and me on the roof.Do not ever think your kitchen is too small.
Have a lovely week!


Mona said...

Oh Susie you really look wonderful in these pictures! Aslam's nephews & nieces are cute & the kitchen is Yikes! Omg! that must be a vertible hell for her during summers!

LOL! at the last picture! That is a talisman to ward off flies & evil!

Ps> I just answered your question about Gupta in my comment box . LOL! I had no idea why you asked until I saw Galen's comment in your last post just now!

lime said...

fabulous pictures every one. love the architectural one again too.

Akelamalu said...

Fantastic pictures!

RennyBA said...

Great to see you still have more surprises from your tip - you know I've really enjoy reading all your rapports and I'm glad you've learned to find the right clothes for the right situations (well almost :lol:).

You look great on that 'local vehicle ' in the first picture and a simply adore the fabric your sitting on!

Keep on reporting from your trip - I love it!

Wishing you a wonderful week too!

Photocat said...

Love them all! Looking forward to more as time goes on! Leaving Paris tomorrow afternoon! Hugs to Gupta too!

Anonymous said...

more great piccies...!!! gotta love the ones of the kids...!!! ;) may peace prevail on earth...aaahhhh yessss...i just booked me 5 days leave for next week...boy do i need some peace...!!! hahahaha...!!!
more sujie more...!!! xxx

Mona said...

Susie, I have posted the recipe video of Mulligatawny soup at my blog. Please come & check it!

Breazy said...

The pictures are great! That poor woman.

Hope you are doing well!

barman said...

Love the picture, they are wonderful as always. I especially love your ride and, in the second picture, what must shurly be the garage for your ride with this high celings. :) Wonderful shots.

G-Man said...

....well Mistress, How was THAT hump?

Sorry, my naughty mind couldn't resist....G

If you are sew busy Friday, tell me...xoxoxoxox

Zoely said...

wow. thank you for sharing such awesome pictures.