Saturday, April 05, 2008

Good Enough For Reruns!

I've posted this picture before. It is one of my favorites.
Karenji took it last year in Mysore on Chamundi Hills.

Karenji also took this picture and of course it's hilarious because it looks like..well, see for yourself!

No, he was NOT going to hit her on the head with a coconut. He was throwing the coconut to the ground to crack it open!

And finally, another one by Karenji and also one of my favorites. School pen, madam?


lime said...

karenji is so good at getting candid shots! all the pics are terrific and rerun worthy!

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures!!!

And yes that pic does look like he's about to thump her in the head! craziness!

Anonymous said...

hello susieji and thanks to lime who is so sweet tome and my pics! Opened up your blogs and fell momentarily into a time warp - ha! Yes are you trying to convince me to go again - ha - that was a fun trip and those guys were so fun - and of course the school pens....ha - just back from Canada 55 degrees and 20 foot snow banks from all the snow this winter but it is melting fast! hugs Karenji - ha cannot remember my password so cannot publish under my sure you would want to travel to india again with Madam who cannot remember he google password???

Anonymous said...

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