Monday, April 21, 2008

Musical Monday, Yaar!

This is one of my favorite songs from Monsoon Wedding. I would have liked to show you the part where PK is dancing in the rain with his new bride Alice, to this song, but I couldnt find it. So instead we have Bally Sagoo performing in this colorful weird video of Aaja Nachle, which means Come Dance With Me or Come On Dance (depending who you ask)!

I have never seen grass that green in India, yaar, isn't it?

And then, I felt like posting this video again of my friend Abdul, playing his own handmade drum. If you are ever in Hampi, be sure to look for Abdul and check out his awesome music shop and jam with him too.

Have a lovely Monday!


LisaPizza said...

Hello SusieQ! I looked & looked hoping to find a clip of the dance-in-the-rain scene for you and unfortunately all I was able to find is a brief glimpse of it in this Ebert & Roeper review. So I'm forwarding the link to you via eMail so you may watch their critique (Two Thumbs Up!), in case you haven't seen it. If you blink you may miss the dance scene it is near the very end of their review. What a great movie, and it has such a fun and lively soundtrack. Now I'll have to add it to the top of our NetFlix queue so we can enjoy it from start to finish. You have whetted my appetite with these clips, and it must be fed a full course of some musical masala.

My Musical Monday is posted as well. So please come on by for a gander.

lime said...

to me, abdul's playing and his music are so much more joyous. but i always get a kick out of any of your india posts.

stealth said...

those were interesting videos :)

Mona said...

Ah! Monsoon Wedding was a nice movie!

tabla mastero is good! :)