Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dont forget to Wash Your Hands!

In many restaurants in India, there is just one sink out in the main area of the restaurant for people to wash hands. The separate men and ladies loo's do not have sinks at all, so all must share one sink. (Most of the time) Uh, ew.
I noticed the shadow on this pic after I posted it and then I remembered, this was an outdoor restaurant.
So there I am, washing my hands in Bangalore! Woo hoo!
So I kind of feel like it's back to blogging the old way. Back to when I had 5 faithful readers. And best of all, back to NO commitments! No schedules, no HNT, no 55 unless I want to, no Musical Monday unless I want to. Just random posts a la Lo style! Now, that's for me.
This would be me in some wierd restaurant in Bangalore where you smoke hookahs full of...flavoured smoke! I just had to try it. It was horrible, I got really nauseous, and I just do not see the point in inhaling chocolate, strawberry, coconut or mango chutney flavoured smoke! I chose the mint with some other flavour and ickkkkk!
This week I finally got my taxes in order. I have been working hard and, hey WDKY, I really DID make more money this year, WHOA! I'll bet you all think I am a millionaire by now!
As all my 3 American readers know, the economy is just making it pretty tough all over. Gas, food prices, utilities. Unbelievable. SO you won't be seeing me driving all over town in a Mercedes any time soon just cuz I made more money this year.
Speaking of gas, even with gas at 3.67 a gallon here for regular, I still only spent $32. on gas last month! That's not even ONE tank! I must be in my hermit phase again, not leaving the house, not leaving town.
BTW I checked out some other Proclaimers tunes on Youtube. (I would walk 500 miles.....)Let me just say, there is a reason some bands are just one hit wonders.
So what is this post about?
I dont know.
But finally we have Mr Ratburn in a rickshaw on his first day in India!
Have a wonderful day.


Blissfully Wed said...

Another post from Susie, another smile for me.

I wonder if public area sinks in restaurants is a better idea than sinks in the bathrooms. I occurs to me that more people would wash their hands if this were the case.

barman said...

Have you ever seen one of those shows that tell you what happens when a toilet is flushed. All the stuff that is put into the air. I think it might make sense to be out in the open. Plus I have noticed that guys may not wash their hands afterwards unless they think someone is watching. In public, someone would notice.

Blogging when ever, about what ever is so much better than feeling obligated to post. I think feeling like you have to post really leads to people closing down their blogs.

A richshaw, that looks like a wonderful thing. I probably would tip the thing over however so I best just keep on a walking. Nice picture however.

Our gas is only about 30 cents cheaper than yours. That is a little depressing. I always thought yours was so much heigher.

Breazy said...

I like the freedom of not being tied down week by week or day by day of "have to" posts. Shoot these days I am doing good just to post now and again.

Flavored smoke doesn't sound very good even though I am a smoker, cigarettes that is! LOL!

Gas is outrageous and I am sick of it. I told Mr. B if gas prices rise much more we are going to sell all of the vehicles and buy bicycles..lol! Ankle express isn't too crowded either and it much cheaper than driving.

Hope you have a wonderful day as well!

Polt said...

Hmm, when I saw the first photo, I thought you were following my HNT theme. :)

flavored smoke, eh? Think I'll pass.


lime said...

flavored hookah smoke? that sounds completely unappealing in every way. ratburn looks like he's digging the rickshaw in his own way.

$32 on gas in a month? damn.....that's outrageous. i need to become a hermit. my kids' social lives are killing me in gas.

BTExpress said...

I was cleaning out my basement a couple of weeks ago and came across my old hookah. It could satisfy six at once. My wife gave it to me in the 70s and I flavored it with weed. That sucker could hold at least an ounce at a time and trust me, it did many times.

G-Man said...

Yeah I still have MY hookah. And I smoke cannibis flavored tobacco!
You Rock Susie-Cue..xox

Mina said...

Sorry to hear your hookah experience wasnt great! My ex was a religious hookah smoker and I loved it, but he took great care in cleaning his hookah and only bought the best tobacco... oh well...

SeaRabbit said...

My son is smoking those horrible flavored shisha (not sure of the spelling) and I will never try that!! Orange and chocolate, strawberry and peaches... beurkkk... I'm not surprise you were nauseus!!

Akelamalu said...

One sink to share between MEN and women - euewwwww, gross. Still I suppose that's better than no sink at all! You take great photos.

ciara said...

omgosh...that's a big arse hookah! LOL yeah, i can't see smoking those things (i don't smoke anyways). my son has a hookah, but he outgrew it..thank goodness. lol