Sunday, March 30, 2008

Musical Monday

Since my both of my musical choices are drinkin' songs, I am posting Musical Monday on Sunday night.
What's that you say? You can't party on Sunday night? Sure you can!
Both of these songs make me want to be in some pub in Liverpool drinkin' with Mr Ratburn and my good ol pal FG.
Actually I was quite surprised that the Proclaimers were not a more rowdy looking bunch o' guys. I also did not realize that The Proclaimers are twin brothers, and not one guy done up with some fancy camera work as I originally thought when I saw the "official MTV version" of this tune.
Lady and Gentleman, The Proclaimers!

After a couple more shots have been had, you can settle into your barstool and enjoy the second tune. It's a fabulous drinkin' song!
I have always loved this song but I have NEVER heard the name of this band before!

Have a lovely week, mates!


Blissfully Wed said...

As I recall, The Proclaimers had given up on making it in music and went back to work in a factory back home. Then "500 Miles" was picked for Benny and Joon and their record became a huge success. Not bad.

Mona said...

For Once it is Not Rufus LOL!

Susie! Are those clothes in the sidebar made by you?

You are so talented & clever!

cathy said...

Did the proclaimers ever do anything apart from that song?

Chumbawamba! I've had a drunken dance or two when this was playing, LOL.

BTW nice banana.

lime said...

ha! i never knew that was a set of twin brothers either! i am now informed. two fun songs. i love em both. what's a hoot is to see my boy singing the chumbawumba song. ranks right up there with 'death by locust.'

G-Man said...

Great Choice this time Susie...xoxox

Photocat said...

OH my poor little beta's toe (you see I was a bit behind on my blog readng) hope toe is better...cute elephant, cute banana, Gary looks great and The Proclaimers - totally fun - almost no SNOW yeah - 65 today we hear...:) course it was in the 30's and snowed a little yesterday...

barman said...

I can not stand that last song any more. My stomach was turned yesterday. Let me explain.

My favorite DJ departed from the radio station he was on and was off the air for about 8 months because of contract agreements. When he did return he was on a different station and he triumphantly played that song over and over on the first day back. I got knocked down, but I got up again. Very appropriate. Well over the weekend he just parted ways with the new station. I am not sure there is any radio station I am interested in listening to in the area now and I get most of my news from the morning shows. I do love the name however.

I need to go back and listen to the first song as I am not sure what it was.

barman said...

Oh I love that first song. It sounds a little different than I remember but I simply love it. Very nice selections for sure.

AndyT13 said...

Alas I canna hear the moosic. :-(
Sorry yer all one yer onesies!
Hope Mr. Ratburn returns soon!