Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Spring, My Friends!

Feeling really relaxed in Hampi.

A couple of kids from this group asked Gary if he would take their picture with his camera. As Gary began to take the picture, the other 50 people from their group joined them. OK, I dont really know how many people are in this picture, but it was NOT planned, not staged, NOT set up! I think I'm gonna count all those lovely colorful people when I get the chance.

Isn't it just incredible?!!!


barman said...

Oh there are about 51 or 52. I got a little lost as I counted them. I love these picture Suzie, simply wonderful.

Happy a Happy Easter on your end of the world.

S said...

I got 56, Barman!

lime said...

you're looking a lil more than "relaxed" heheheh

and that mass picture really is something. i think you'd be hard pressed to pose one so nicely!

S said...

Squints right eye hard and tries to remember....noooo Lime, I am not "that" relaxed. I hadn't met the crazy Russians yet.
I just felt so "Wow I am chillin in Hampi in some drum shop, whoa, how awesome is that?"

Blissfully Wed said...

I really love what you share of your life. Lucky kids over there to get to meet you.

Thanks for sharing as always.

TorAa said...

The first unknown here asked for i rupi, the second 2 rupees, the third for 4 and number 4 askef for 8, then # 5 for 16 etc.
You must be very rich to cope with that.

G-Man said...

Susie..You must have ESP because I do indeed have something cooking up in the kitchen, I'll be postin later, and YOU will get the 'heads-up'!

...BTW, I absolutely love that 'sultry' relaxed pose..
Ratburn is the luckiest bastard on the planet!!!

Seamus said...

You looks chilled ... very chilled!

Instant group shot, just add camera!

Anonymous said...

very cool pics! Happy Easter (a day late :D)

Polt said...

What friendly people! Is everyone over there so friendly?


Anonymous said...

found this again from a Leonard Cohen book...just wanted to share... ;)

One of the Indian poets said, 'The river of desire has only one bank, once you throw yourself into it you can't swim for the other side.'