Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Cat Is Away....

Mr Ratburn is in Los Angeles goofing off.
Yes, yes, there really are parts of Los Angeles that still look like this. I think this is Palos Verdes Peninsula....or the Sunken City plateau in San Pedro, but knowing Mr Ratburn and his crazy friend Mr Sean, it could be anywhere.
Much cerveza is being consumed.
This is another picture they sent me from last nights adventure.....


You would be proud of me, Mr Ratburn. I have done the dishes twice!


lime said...

that second picture is an absolute hoot!

pats you on the back for your domesticity. ;)

BTExpress said...

LOL, I love the fact that you guys understand why you each need to go your own way sometimes.

barman said...

Great pictures there. What a fun person.

So did I hear you were doing paper plates for all your meals now? That would explain doing the dishes. Just give the plastic wear a little swish.


jillie said...

Oh he looks like he is having a BLAST! I agree with bte on this one. Sometimes we just need our space ;o)