Monday, March 10, 2008

I Saw Rufus Last Night!

And he was fantastic!
Rufus performs Grey Gardens on Isaac Mizrahi's show, (hilarious how large Isaac is and how small Rufus in comparison!)
Rufus at the Napa Valley Opera House
Sunday March 9th, 2008
Grey Gardens
This Love Affair
Beauty Mark
In My Arms
Going To A Town
Matinee Idol
Nobodys Off The Hook
Gay Messiah
Not Ready To Love
April Fools
Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
The Art Teacher
Dinner At Eight
Rufus was perfect, flawless, awesome, beautiful, and sexy in a navy blue pinstriped suit and white dress shirt, no tie. (Of course it matters, right Polt!) The Napa Valley Opera House only has 20 rows, my seat was in the last row, but given the last minuteness of the performance, I felt lucky to even be getting a ticket at all.
Of course, all the seats are good seats at the Napa Valley Opera House, last row be damned!
Gosh darnit, I just love you Rufus! Thank you.
What a way to start the week!


Seamus said...

I heard that heart fluttering all the way over here! ;)

barman said...

Oh my, someone really like him!!!

I shall have to listen to that when I get home. Glad you could go. And you know what, the small venues are often the best place to see anyone. I once attended a concert and was somewhere between 5 and 8th row back. The place only had maybe 30 rows. I loved it and fell in love with the performer on the spot (Joe Jackson).

Now if we can only get you back down to earth sometime before the week is over. :)

lime said...

well aren't you the lucky girl! glad you got to have some fun.

James Goodman-Horror Writer said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. :D

Polt said...

Damn right, it matters! :)

Man, I love Rufus.....saw him once, was not enough. I'd love to see him again.

You lucky dog, you. :)