Tuesday, March 11, 2008


While in Jaipur, Aslam took me to a "factory" where they make textiles with gold and silver "stuff". All day long these men make cotton prints by hand, and when I inquired about why none of them were wearing masks, the boss told me that they give them the masks, but they do not wear them. I am not sure if I believed him.
He calls himself "Handsome". He was a bit of an ass. That's Handsome there, with the dark glasses. Snort!
*Wear your particle mask, kids!*


barman said...

Is it just me or are you seeing spots?

I am surprised they do not require masks so they can reclaim the stuff that might do into their lungs other wise.

Thank for sharing you lovely pictures.

S said...

Oh god, Barman, that would so be the India way...to be concerned with reclaiming the gold stuff and not their health at all! ACK!

Polt said...

Hmm, I don't know if "Handsome" was really handsome, but the tall guy with him looks kinda cute. :)


Mona said...

Susie. You are right! They DO NOT give them any masks, they lie through their teeth about that!

I know that none do. Neither in the lock factories nor in any other metal work factories.

The working conditions are inhuman!

Thanks for the peanut butter recipe! :)

Breazy said...

I wouldn't want see their lungs and I sure hope the boss is telling the truth about the masks.

Hope you are doing well!

lime said...

wow, so the flecks in the pictures are all the particles floating around? yeah, they really do need to have masks!

love the effect it makes on the shots though.