Sunday, March 16, 2008

Musical Monday

Lady and Gentleman, may I present Joan Wasser:
Joan As Police Woman

Yes, that IS the name of her band. I'll let you know when I figure out why.
Have a lovely Monday everyone!
Oh yeah, and then there's this!


G-Man said...

Even by EST You are WAAAY early with this...
But I know that you are working very hard, and you post when you can...
You are like a purveyor of little known talent..
Hang in there Mistress...

G-Man said...


Seamus said...

So...we've all become singular, huh?

Nice sound - am curious about the name though.

Logophile said...

aaaw, honey honey
You are my candy girl

I love that song.
My kids prefer Candy by the Potusa:

The devil she made sweet candy, took 6 days and nights to dream,
on the 7th day she rested,
woke up early and made ice cream.
Now the devil she must be a dentist, with deep jawbreaker eyes, redrope hair, gumdrop lips, cotton candy thighs

RennyBA said...

Thanks for the presentation Sue - it's amazing to see how many chords an American Police woman can play on :lol:

Btw: Have a great week and if you have the time: welcome over to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with me!

barman said...

I did some research into the name and found ... nothing, nada, zilch, bust... All I can see is that Joan is the major member of the group and at least some people are referring to her as Joan as Police Woman. Anyway no biggie. I liked her enough that I bought some of her music. You always (well usually) have such interesting tastes.

Hope you had a happy green day.