Monday, July 28, 2008

Came, Saw, Conquered

Scene of the crime.

Hi, I'm back from Los Angeles!
Now, I'll bet you are all waiting in antici.........pation for my reunion news!
So hmmnn, where shall I start?
How bout this?
So here we have, Mrs A, who I have been friends with since 1975, moi, and the lovely Mrs S, wife of Mr S, whom I have known since 1977 . We are all dancing together with Mr Ratburn because the other Misters did not want to. Their loss, as you can clearly see! Yes, the shoes have been ditched. Mrs and Mr S and I wander the haunted hallways of the Queen Mary.
uh oh! I think I see some of the infamous ghosts right now!

Some of us found it necessary to get a breath of fresh air to uhhh...clear our heads.

I don't think we're showing enough teeth! :P
So, are you wondering why there aren't pictures of my friends and I cavorting with other alumni? I have to tell you, had I not planned to meet my pals at the reunion, there really would have been no other reason to go. The food was mediocre, drinks had to be paid for on top of a steep ticket price, the music...Play that funky music, white boy? GAAAAAGGGG ME! And would you believe it? Above all, I recognized....2 people other than who I came with.
Still, I am happy that I went.

Mrs A, Mr C and Mr S goof around at our cool table.

~***Please read the comment section for interesting insights into class reunions from Bryan. I have to agree with Bryan completely......and an extra little treat which I did leave out until SSS said it was ok to mention...Yes, we did get in trouble for a funny smell coming from SS and Mrs Pizzas room. NOT MINE! Hee heee blame it on them. It's true that we could possibly have been tossed from the ship for that stunt, but the security guards were both 25 year old, 110 pound little men who clearly did not know how to handle The Boss and her oh so calm in the face of danger friends!

Oh, I forgot to mention that one of my former male classmates is now female. Complete with long blonde hair, a tan, strappy sandals, size 12, and the LBD (little black dress), she looked marvelous! Kudos to her for showing up as the new her, and no doubt, the happier her.


lime said...

glad to hear you had a fun time with people you enjoy in spite of the expensive tickets, bad food, and crappy music. it does look like you had a ball.

amadeus45 said...

You left out the best part, we all almost unded up in jail before it started!

"Excuse me miss, but there's a report of a 'funny smell' in one of the rooms aroud here."

"Oh no officer, we don't smell anything. BYE."

The look on that peach-fuzzy security guard was priceless.


barman said...

Glad you went just the same. My 10 year reunion I did not like at all. My 30th I had a fun time at especially the after party. I recognized a lot of people at mine. The music I mostly liked but some of it ... yikes. But for me I got to see a few people that I have not seen in a long time and that really made things nice for me. Well there was also something that I found so funny. I saw people gathering together at the reunion in clumps. There are the jocks acting so like jocks, the stoners living up to the part, the band geeks (oops, folks and hey I was one of them) ... basically everyone seemed to lapse back into what they were like in High School. I have to believe people moved on since then however. I mean the Class Bully was married and had two kids. Surely he changed some, right?

I had a great time. I am glad to see you had fun too even though things were not ideal. Love the pictures.

Mona said...

that must have been so much fun!

S said...

LOL Yes S, we did get in trouble...didnt we? But we handled it well. Calm cool collected....

I especially loved the way the security boys stared at us as we passed them in the hallway right outside our door!

BTW S, my sis in law told me that we missed the cue to hand the guy a digit to enjoy after work. That is probably what he was after anyway!

Heehee good times good times!

Blissfully Wed said...

I'd never report anyone for "funny smells." I might try to make friends however.

Great pics! I always love what you post. Keep smiling.

Anonymous said...

looks like a splendid time was guaranteed for all...!!! hehheh ;)

more teeth on show than a buzzsaw factory...!!! (^_^)

i'm almost sure my grandfather worked on the QM for a bit too, now i've thought about it a bit...!!! xxx

G-Man said...

A dancin' machine!!!
I bet you looked the Hottest!!!
...and ARE!!

Photocat said...

Every bit as beautiful then as now! Great pics and stories - love it!

LisaPizza said...

Susie Q, Thanks again for my lovely pashmina (which can be seen in the passageway photo.) It was very fun exploring the Queen Mary with you & Mr Ratburn. Dancing was fun even though the music was mostly disco.Yes, I have photographic proof of the transgendered or perhaps just a sweet transvestite in attendance. Mr S's sis thinks it was surely a put on or a joke of some sort, but "she" looked way to well waxed and quoiffed to be a boy pretending to be a girl in the Halloween costumed sort of way. I'll let you know when my photo's are up for all to see. Ta ta for now. Mrs S