Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I ran into Bob today. Bob's the landlord, but since I have issues with the L word, lets just call him Bob, ok? Bob let me know that we were getting a new recyclin' bin next to our dumpster, and I told him I thought that was just great! Then I asked him about the neighbors dog and the fence that still has not been repaired.
I also let him know that since this dog has been around, I have spent over 700 dollars on my cats. (Vet bills, Kitmo, etc)
Bob asked me if I had seen the dog around lately. I said not for about two weeks but I just figured she was hiding that dog for fear of the rifle at ready on my neighbors back porch. Bob said that is what he also thought. That, and everytime my neighbor drove by the dog owners house, he made sure she saw him pat his rifle on the rack behind his head.
That's when Bob told me that my neighbor had gotten rid of the dog two weeks ago! TWOOOO WEEEKKSS AGO? WHAT?!!!
So, um, you know there I was standing there...shocked, the dog has been gone for two weeks and I have been tripping over these cats, and keeping them indoors, chasing them when they get out, panicing for their safety, spending way too much money, worrying, for two weeks longer than ...arghhh!!!!!
I don't know what to say almost. You know that smiley face where the eyes stare blankly ahead and the mouth is a straight line? (4th row, 4th one over)

Blink, blink. That face. That was me when Bob told me.
Now staring at all those faces makes me realize that I have felt most of those emotions during the dog/cat wars.
Ok, so don't think I just let the cats out right away! I am only going to let Oaty out when the neighbor is asleep or not at home, and Gupta....let's just say I am not ready to let her go out. She's still a naive stupid kitten, even though she outweighs Oaty already.
So that got me thinking, I wonder what made her send the dog packing? Perhaps she really did see that it was a terrilbe fit for this neighborhood, or perhaps she felt bad. Maybe the dog was too much work? And um, ok I'm evil, perhaps the dog took a quick little nibble out of a visitor! :P
In other news, sadly we have decided to close our art coop store in town at the end of July. With the economy the way it is, and the lack of energy and participation toward the shop, we just aren't making it. I think everyone else expected someone else to do all what needed to be done, and that never happened. In a way I feel like I could have really been the one to make the store survive, because my clothes do sell, but, how to run a shop full time, and also make the clothes full time? That is just impossible. So for now, I have a physical shop for one more month, and then after that, it'll be the market and my online shop.
It's cool. Que sera sera and all that.
So, I guess I'll just get back to sewing now, and the next time Oaty cries and scratches at the door to get out, I'm gonna let her out, dadgumit!

Have a lovely day!


Anonymous said...

yay that the dog is gone and *hugs* for the closure. We are feeling the economy as well and have gone into "crisis" mode at work. Kinda scary.

xoxoxo mina

barman said...

I am so glad things ended peacefully and no one was hurt. Yea. But what will you do with Kitmo???

The economy is hitting everywhere. Here in Michigan things are even worse. And you know you need to think about what you are doing. I mean the other day I took a person to pick up their car and take it to another repair show. Simple enough but I probably spent between 5 to 8 dollars in gas for that simple little trip. That could have been a simple meal or who knows what. One my trip home yesterday I counted signs. Now I only live around 4 miles away from home and a lot of the way there are factories or schools or parks on one side of the other of the road. In that distance there were 9 homes up for sale. That is much more than usual. Yep the economy is no fun what so ever.

Have a wonderful weekend Suzie.

Fortress Guinness said...

wow...war and peace...and i'm not just talking about the size of that post...!!! hee hee ;)
glad all's well for now suse...pity about the shop tho...
hey ho...see you soon xxx

Polt said...

Well Im glad to hear the dog's gone. Now the Kitmo prisoners can be free! :)


Mona said...

With your Gupta & co. saga, NOW i know why they say " fighting like cats & dogs".

Hey Susie. Suji DOES mean Semolina. The Halwa that you were speaking of is made out of Semolina.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had to spend so much money and there was a cat/dog war to begin with... but yay for resolution that works for you! :)

Awesome dresses!!! I love then, but doubt they'd fit my thigh! :P

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy 4th!

Akelamalu said...

Maybe she got rid of the dog because it bit her arse! Serves her right!