Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh, My Tortured Soul!


So dear readers, I have a dilemma. I noticed that Rufus is performing in Seattle on November 8th. Oddly, that is a Sunday night.
I figure that Sunday night thing would cause me some logistics problems what with Little Rita needing the mom taxi and all, and Mr Ratburn having to commute to his school on Monday morning. Plus, I have already splurged on some extra special seats for when Rufus performs with the San Francisco Symphony in April '10 so I figured I oughta behave and squelch my plan to run to Seattle just to see Rufus.
So today I'm wondering what my other favorite songwriter/performer is up to so I headed over to the Joan Wasser website to check out her tour schedule. Let's see....November 8th,
Benaroya Hall, Seattle

Joan Wasser aka Joan As Police Woman

WTF!!!!! WHOA! WHHHHHHHHAAAAAAATTTT???????? NOOOOOOOO!!! Not Joan and Rufus on same night in Seattle....NOOOOOOOOO, it can't be. So what to do?

Reasons Not to Spend half a months rent flying to Seattle and tickets, hotel and all....

Logistics Problems
I'm going to India in 67 days.

Reasons to Spend half a months rent, bla bla bla

It's my birthday on December 1st
Joan and Rufus TOGETHER?!!! Come on!
I love Rufus
I love Joan Wasser
I love Rufus
I love Joan Wasser

What to do?
Please offer sensible advice, condolences or otherwise.


Berkshire Hostess said...

Susie - You know you should go and enjoy every minute of it! Carpe diem! You only live once, my dear....

~Tim said...

It sounds to me like you are meant to be there. But I don't give advice.

lime said...

that's a helluva conundrum!

BTExpress said...

The hell with the rent, go!

Anonymous said...

decisions decisions... ;) :p xx