Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Whatcha Say?

I love it when I find someone new to listen to. New to me, that is. Lady and gentleman, Imogen Heap. Now I wanted to post her hit tune from a few years back, called Hide and Seek, but I cannot get that for you. You will have to go over there and check it out. Go ahead, I will wait.
Instead I will post Headlock which is also a pretty cool tune, IMOP. You can check that out too if you want.

So, did you go over and listen? I just love that song. Now, some of you might have also heard this following tune, in which Jason Derulo, ahem, "heavily samples" Imogens Hide and Seek. Check it out:
**UPDATE*** here I have switched out the actual Whatcha Say? video for the link because it was messin' with my visuals, and we can't ever have that!

Personally I think Mr Derulo did a fine job of "heavily sampling" Imogens tune so I'm gonna let it go. I'm referring only to the song, this video you can multitask while listening to....
How about you? Whatcha say?



g-man said...

Is Imogines dad Uriah?
Is Galen First?

lime said...

fun tunes :)

S said...

Galen is first. LOL Yes she is Uriah spawn! (I have no idea)

Thanks Lime have fun at work! :P